Home made,everyday techniques to de-stress
|   Jan 19, 2016
Home made,everyday techniques to de-stress
Lately, have you caught yourself walloping your toddler more often? Well, it seems to be the case with most impatient, short tempered mum's like myself. My 18 month old is quite naughty, which is very normal and how it should be. And most of the time, we allow them to be. But there are moments when we tend to lose our balance. We can't blame anyone for that except the circumstance. And we can't be expected to remain sober throughout the day and also at night(if your child is a fussy sleeper) for hours on end. So, I have er..I wouldn't say discovered but gradually learnt or have come to Identify certain everyday techniques that you could use to de-stress yourself. These are nothing new, but just simple and you could say home made methods that may help you to retain sobriety.
They are:-
1) Tea or coffee? try to wake up at least an hour prior to anyone else in the house. It sounds really difficult, i know. I am not a morning person either. But now, I do it for my own sake. Then make yourself a good cup of tea/coffee or whatever it is that suits you. Walk yourself to the sofa and relish every sip of your hot beverage. It makes a lot of difference when you enjoy your first cuppa all alone. You even get a chance to flip through the newspaper. This part of your day decides your mood for the entire day. So make sure you enjoy the "you" moment, which has become a rarity since your little one has arrived. It works for me because mostly, I need  my own personal space. There aren't much you can do, because you have responsibilities as a wife, mother etc. So this is something simple and handy. 
2) Idli or toast- I don't know how many mum's enjoy cooking and experimenting new stuff. I do. Apart from the everyday make do meals we prepare, try to cook something fancy and new every weekend or whenever you have the luxury of time. And when you cook, make sure to put in your one hundred percent in there. In the long run, it make you feel good about yourself. Happy tummies, happy mummy!
3)Get out- by this I don't mean you kick the door shut on your husband and toddler and storm off. What I meant is that you should volunteer to go out for local errands as and when you can leaving your child behind with your husband or someone who looks after him/her. It may be a trip to the local grocery store. But make sure to grab the opportunity. Relish every moment of that too. 
4)Clean- if you are a neat freak, it helps. I'm obsessed with cleaning and to me it is therapeutic. Try to enjoy it while you are at it. Crank up the volume of your music box and dance to the tunes. Trust me, it will make a difference.
5)Cleanse body and mind- take a long and healing bath. This is another moment when you get to be with just yourself. Prolong the duration. Enjoy it and come out feeling fresh and happy.
I wish I could say something about exercise here too, but unfortunately I don't practise that and i am not eligible to preach about it. We all know about the wonders exercise does to our body and mind. It helps release of serotonin and endorphins which are the "feel good" and "happiness" hormones and helps a lot in de-stressing. 
Whenever I find time I give it a go on the treadmill or engage in Suryanamaskara. But again, i don't religiously follow it. I wish I could.
So the essence is that you find pleasure in every little thing you do and you will gradually begin to feel happy and thankful.
PS-if you know any other techniques, do feel free to let me know
Thank you

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