I dont hit you or scold you So dont complain if I dont love you
|   Oct 29, 2016
I dont hit you or scold you So dont complain if I dont love you

This is what her husband , her choice of life partner told her. " You are lucky to have me as your life partner , I dont hit you or scold you. Go see others in the world ". These words made her question her choice.Had she gone wrong ? Here she was , a person raised with a lot of love care and warmth married to a person who didn't believe in expressing love, who thought that once tied in wedlock , it becomes the duty of the lady and the right of the man to a lot of things in life. 

She was too dumb to see what was coming up in the earlier stages of marriage. She was raised to respect the fact that not everyone was alike. So she kept waiting patiently trying to make changes and in the process changed herself a lot too. But no. Things were not getting better. Instead she was being taken for granted. Her choice of staying at home and managing the house and kids was being looked down. And this in spite of the fact that she was earning from home , had her own goals and was not compromising any of her duties for this .

She was expected to keep the house spic and span , do all the chores ,not complain about he not helping and yes not to voice out opinions however right she was. She really didn't know how much to struggle. There were times when she just wanted to call it quits. But in a society like ours how do u walk out of a marriage when you have two kids. So she started living her life her way

Not worrying about things which disturbed him she started doing whatever she wanted to. Life seemed to be getting better. In south India food is served in a plantain leaf with a lot of varieties in the leaf. Generally people get to choose what they want to eat.Similarly she decided to have only those items which she really like. No more gulping down stuff for the sake of others. Life became even better. She started setting her goals more higher. She started to ignore people who disturbed her. She may not have been blessed to have a warm husband. But she was certainly blessed to have really amazing people around her who cared for her in every possible way. So she learnt to live with the fact that all the love and concern she craved for from her husband came in from these loved souls. And things became even better

But one question still haunted her " If we are to live as two strangers , not even friends , then why go the process called marriage" A question she should have asked herself long back. 

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