Why I am not ashamed of my post delivery bulge
|   Jul 06, 2016
Why I am not ashamed of my post delivery bulge

It has been some months (eight to be precise) since I delivered my son, through an emergency C-sec caused by placenta abruption,  and I still have not got  my pre-pregnanacy tummy back (which was never flat in the first place).

Sometimes when I wear a rather tight T-shirt or kurti, I can fool people into believing that I am a few months into my pregnancy.But in spite of everything I am absolutely NOT ashamed of my bulging tummy. And here's why.

First of all I have had my share of feeling embarrassed and even guilty of having a tummy. To be honest I have grown stubbornly immune to all the glares, snide remarks and a few outrageous comments. And it is all because they came too soon, for them to make any impact. Hardly one month of delivery had elapsed when I started getting those disapproving looks.It had come to such a pass, that sometimes people would even forget that I had delivered a baby and all they would care about was when would my tummy go back in!

This just reveals the immense pressure on new moms to lose weight and look as if they never carried a baby. Its as if that once the baby is out the world wants to erase any memory of you being pregnant from their minds.

Thankfully, I was blessed to have a great gynaec who comfortingly told me that I need not worry about my weight in the initial months after delivery and reminded me that the uterus had taken nine months to expand and so it was only natural for it to gradually shrink.Had it not been for her wise words, I would have spent the most critical days of nursing a newborn in self pity and hatred.Another reason  that I kind of love my little protruding tummy is that it is the last though slowly disappearing link to my once pregnant self.Even now when I look at myself in the mirror sometimes, I cant help but recollect those wonderful days when I could feel life moving  and kicking in the same belly! The fact that this much criticized tummy was once home to a little soul is a matter of pride for me.And to anyone who wants to body shame me for it, I would gladly like to give them my super uncomfortable, sweat inducing and suffocating corset which I have long abandoned.Moreover, the fact that my son can cozily snuggle himself when I try to make him sleep for hours sometimes, only convinces me to keep the tummy for a few months more. So till the time I am completely back in my pre-pregnancy shape -for which I'm praying and I'm told praying is a form of exercising! I am going to  boldly flaunt my bulging tummy and not be sorry if it disgusts anyone.

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