Super powers of a New Mum..
|   Feb 15, 2016
Super powers of a New Mum..

This is a secret no one tells u when you are pregnant...yes, motherhood cones with its set of super powers. That's why the term"Supermoms"

1)You learn to half-sleep. Didn't get it? Well, it means half of your brain rests at a time while the other half is constantly scanning the environment for dangers (read grunts and snuffles)

2)Like those sci-fi movies, you are able to freeze mid-air. After a few days of having the baby, you become mortally scared of accidentally disturbing your sleeping beauty and at the slightest sign of it you hold your breath and literally freeze. Well, mid-air thing comes with practice.. you lil one can train you in 2-3 months if she wants to ;)

3)You become ambidextrous. .automatically. She might wet her diaper while feeding and not want to let go of the bottle but cry because she is wet and pull at your hair because she is frustrated..huh! You soon realise why Goddess Durga has 10 hands..she has 4 kids to manage you see !

4)You learn to fly..yes, you'll never walk any'll always be running..or rather flying. Bathe, eat, surf the net and get some sleep..everything while the baby is resting a are on 5th gear all the time

5) Patience..yes, if patience is a superpower, you can beat superman hands down anyday. The same 2 lined lullaby 100 times, the same to and fro motion through out the night, the same routine of sleepless nights and are Patience personified.

But all said and done, these first few months of motherhood are the best. You will soon miss those days when she would lie there all curled up in your arms and you could gaze at her all day. They grow up fast, very fast and we, the Supermoms keep growing our super powers with them :)

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