Two cities
|   Aug 08, 2016
Two cities

Meera was a daughter of an army officer and was staying in delhi. She had just completed her graduation when the grandparents wanted her to get married early as she was the only daughter in her dad's family. All her relatives were waiting for her to get married as that would have been the first marriage of that generation. Everyone in the family was excited but she wAnted to study further. Her mother dreamt of she becoming an army lawyer. While her father and brother wanted her to marry an army officer and settle down. She was also a spoiled child like any other army kids with all the privileges and help.

As she being a pampered child, her father used to think that she would never be able to settle with a civilian life. She had always stayed in lavish army bungalows, all facilities, gymkhana parties, clubs etc childhood and also with all the support and help at home with army helper bhaiyas. Her father used to scold her for not switching off the lights and fan when not in use. She never listened. She never went to the market to get anything. She even didnt know cooking much.

Everyday Meera used to have an arguement with her father on the wedding topic. BecAuse of family pressure, her father created her profile on some matrimonial websites. Somehow, she used to find out those passwords and delete it. But how long she would do that.

One day meera's father insisted her to browse through the profiles. She was least interested in looking at those profiles. Just to make her father happy, she started going through each profile. She kept saying her parents that she will never shift from delhi and wants to get settled in delhi.

She came across a nice profile of a mumbai based boy, an IT professional. He looking cute and made her blush. He was 26 yeAr old while meera was just 22. His name was Aryan. She started reading the profile. She wAs impressed with the Description given about his family and everything. Her father too liked the profile.

She and her father decided to accept the request. Then both the families spoke and started talking about the horoscope and match making. And what not. While parents were busy in horoscope matching, meera and Aryan started chatting for long hours and talking over the phone.

While horoscope matching was taking time and getting approval from the family members. These two started liking each other. They shared their pictures over the emails, long hrs chatting and ofcourse long night phone calls.

One day aryan all of a sudden booked the flight tickets and landed at delhi to meet meera. She was surprised indeed very happy. They both liked each other. They both were ready to get married but this horoscope thing didnt end. Aryan told her father, i dont believe in all these things. I just know one thing that i need her - these were his words. Any girl would fall for such an honest and straight forward guy. With that, Meera and Aryan fell in love.

After few days, meera's father told her that the grandparents have some difference of opinion and have asked to consider the profile which they had liked. She was shocked and she didnt agree to whatever her father said. She said i got convinced to get married because i want to see you and mom happy. I liked the guy whom you showed me. Now when i started liking him you are saying no to it. Her father tried to convince her to back out from this proposal.

Meera couldnt stop herself from not being in touch with Aryan.

Delhi and mumbai long distance relationship was difficult and her father also thought it would fade in sometime. But no, they both continued the beautiful love story. Meera used to tell her parents that she will b at her friends house. She used to catch a rajdhani train from delhi and reach mumbai next day morning. Meera and Aryan spend the entire day at the mumbai central railway station staring at each other, holding hands till evening. And around 4 pm she used to again take the same rajdhaani express and go back to delhi.

Sometimes, aryan traveled to delhi to spend sometime with meera. Both families knew that they are not going to back out and have to get them married.

Few months later, meera and aryan happily got married and settled in mumbai. Now they are also a parents to a cute little boy. Though meera s happily settled in mumbai she still miss delhi and her friends.

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