|   Nov 26, 2016

Antara was a mother to a 3 year old adorable daughter.Her whole world revolves round her only daughter like most of the moms. She starts her day with preparing her meals, feeding her, telling her stories and keeping her engaged while she gets her ready for school and prepares the rest of the bag to be dropped at the daycare where she spends the rest of the day before her dad arrives to pick her up for home.Daycare is an essential part of their daily lives as Antara could not have continued im her career had she not put her baby in the daycare.

Antara was the eldest of three sisters and quite responsible even as a kid.Her mom used to rely a lot on her for taking care of her two kid sisters when she would be away for shopping or doing the household chores. Being a meritorious student, she had completed her masters from the one of the finest institutes in India and had also travelled abroad for her research work. She managed to get placed in a renowned MNC and that was a big thing for them all as her family was a middle class one settled in Delhi and she was to get a handsome salary in her first job. She gladly accepted the offer and shifted to Mumbai to persue her dreams.

There she met the man of her dreams and with both the families' consent, they decided to get married. After a period of 5 years, Mahika came into their lives which made both Antara and Mayank gleam in happiness. Antara's motherly instincts made her the perfect mom always attending to her child's demands and when she could not, Mayank stepped in.

Antara's parents came over turn by turn to take care of Mahika while Antara joined back from her Maternity leave. Mayank did not have anyone in his family who could come over and stay at Mumbai as his parents were old and sick.

This went on for almost an year when Antara felt that it was getting difficult for her parents to stay at Mumbai leaving their own house and take care of their grandchild.She contacted a nanny center from where she got a nanny who arrived the very next day. Antara was not quite pleased with how she looked and also doubted her tidyness.

She decided to let her go and contacted another local centre to get a full time maid while her parents prepared to leave. After much discussions, they decided to install cctv cameras in their hall and bedroom so that both of them could monitor what was happening back at home while they were at office. They started monitoring the nanny on a regular basis and spotted that the nanny used to hit the child unnecessarily on many occassions.She was now furious and helpless at the same time.

This was what forced her to look for good daycare centers so that she could hand her daughter over to responsible people who would take proper care of the child while she and Mayank were away. She finally got a good daycare close to her office. Witha heavy heart, she took her daughter to the center as she felt guilty of not being able to care for daughter herself.But she had no option and she could not leave her job as they had a big loan to pay off. She was happy that her kid was well taken care off and somewhere at the core of her heart she has that guilt but at the same time she has faith in god that her daughter will understand her one day and this makes her go strong everyday.

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