I think I had enough during this winter break....!!!
|   Jan 13, 2017
I think I had enough during this winter break....!!!

Oh yes..!!The first official winter break since my son started attending playschool..I knew its going to be a good fun break for my child and a very tight and hectic schedule for me but I was also very excited to spend some more time with him.So it was just the first day when I offered my son his favorite lollipop which he enjoys the most and in the meanwhile when he was busy with his lollipop I decided to cook him a paneer paratha..It was just then when I heard my son  calling 'Mumma Mumma' along with which he was coughing more than I expected.I rushed out of the kitchen and in the meanwhile my son was half way through to the kitchen where he just said with fumbled words 'Lolli Mumma Lolli' .I made him open his mouth and one of my worst fear was on the verge of getting true when his lollipop stick stuck half way through his throat and mouth.With shivering hands I forcefully pulled out the stick and then came the series of vomits but some how everything went normal after few minutes."I swear by god I will never give him a lollipop again without my supervision because I do not want this incident to be repeated or even worst thing to happen".Its only when we start thinking life is going to get relaxed as our kids grow but at that same moment our kids make us realize that they are still Tiny Miny and need us even more.

I and my husband took my son to the doctor and everything seemed to be fine but after we came back my son really wanted to go the park where he took a ride at the slide.Everything was just fine when suddenly my son lost balance on the slide and had fall from a considerable height but got saved because of his quilted jacket and cap.I would have tried to avoid this situation because I was just standing nearby but as if my legs frizzed and I couldn't move an inch,it was all in mind trying to save my child from a fall.

Then I said to bhagwanji loud and clear 'bus karo bhagwani I had enough of excitement in this winter break and let life be boring...'Today was my son's first day at school after winter break and trust me I need a break now....!!!

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