I wish to be a time traveller... 
|   Jul 18, 2017
I wish to be a time traveller... 

Is there any such thing as time traveller? If yes, then I definitely want to take a chance and go back to the time when I got married to take things little easy and not to get swapped away by new life. 

So it all starts when u get married irrespective of the fact whether it's an arrange marriage or love marriage. Everything looks so good, everyone seem to be happy. But with this burst of happiness all around, comes loads n loads of new responsibilities and you are expected to perform your 100% from the day 1. As a newly wed bride you have no idea that marriage does not only mean spending 24hrs with the love of your life. It also opens up a whole new world of responsibilities. It may range from taking care of your husband who may not always be interested in talking like before (as he was during your courtship period) or handling the kitchen chores independently along with the laundry, cleaning of the house and what not. Like every woman I thought it is my duty to maintain a balance between home and work. Without having a second thought,  suddenly I transformed into a superwoman or atleast I started considering myself one. That was my biggest mistake.  I could have easily hired domestic help for many of the household activities, but I decided to put in my 200% to be an ideal wife or daughter in law. As a result my life becomes over exhausting struggling to seek balance between work and home. 

One more outcome of marriage is now you have two families one of your own and other of in laws. Gone are the days when you can go home just to relax during holidays, when you get out of your bed only to eat and do your daily chores. But now you have to first divide your holiday period between your in laws and your parents and obviously your in laws have become more important. They should be given priority because anyways you have spend your whole life till date with your parents. Its now that you must spend time with your new parents,  I mean in laws.  And on top of it when you go to their place it is expected from you to show how multitalented you are.  Right from putting a rangoli in the porch to entertaining the family members (elders & kids) and especially prove  your culinary skills.  Even your husband wants to take pride in showcasing your talents. No one realizes its your holiday too. On one hand where your husband is enjoying full attention at his own home and even at your parents home, you suddenly realised your comfort is not  valid at either of the two homes. Holidays are to let go all the stress and rejuvenate yourself so that when you come back you can kick start with your life.  But this is no longer the case with you. Because marriage end your right of enjoying holidays. 

When I look back, I wish to travel back and change this pursuit of mine  to prove myself to the world.  As newly wed girls we fail to understand  that it is okay to be yourself even after marriage. You don't have to pretend to be like your mother or mother in law or some other lady who lives the life of superwoman. Because with all this exhaustive lifestyle only you and your relationship will suffer. 

So girls don't pretend to be like anyone else and live life to the fullest... 

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