Idealism!!! An additional burden : Men’s perspective ignored
|   Feb 21, 2017
Idealism!!! An additional burden : Men’s perspective ignored

I have read many articles and blogs talking from women’s angle of being a perfect, A perfect wife, mother, DIL etc. etc. Well I don’t deny anything of it at all.

But while reading these I thought if it bothers us so much.. How much would it be bothering our partners.. Obviously there would be some men in this world who would be trying to be Perfect Son, Perfect father, perfect SIL and above all they have to be a perfect husband!!! knowing the fact that as a  Wife our expectations are endless.. :D:D

Well arrange or love marriage both have same stories everywhere, I discovered this with various conversations I have with all my friends. But all these things used to poke me to think my husband’s perspective.

Recently my Husband had a training where he was supposed to write about his good’s, odd’s what he is and what he wants to become.. I felt very proud that he asked my opinion on his points. Very nicely I gave him inputs considering myself very creative and all.. I suggested him that may be he can draw a star and put what he wants to be inside that… Very nicely he did so.. The Star highlighted : The central hexagon said: Perfect and all the surrounding triangles had: Son, Father, Husband, Boss, etc.. We completed the chart and went to bed.

That night before sleeping I felt I have overburdened him with lot of thoughts unknowingly. I felt scared of transferring this thought in him.. we as humans have all these thoughts of being perfect and we transfer it to everyone around even to our Children and Spouse and then the whole story of comparisons, competition, expectations, results and complications start.

Same happened with me.. when I read the chart somewhere deep inside my first feeling was Yes he is right he has to be perfect Husband, but then this thought didn’t leave me every time I had any conversation with any lady about her husband I used to start thinking about mine… And Voila.. every time to my surprise I used to feel.. My husband tackles it this way… he reacts much better in this situation.. he helps me more than this fellow does and bla bla..

This made me realize my husband is perfect for me, the situation we face, the people we deal with, the background we belong to he is already perfect , He tackles every situation to his best and to the best I would have done myself. He is perfect for me coz both of us have our own pro’s and con’s and only we both could have tackled each other with this ease.

Its then that I understood, by observing others we start expecting those things from our partners and feel he would be perfect if he has this quality but then we don’t realize that each person is unique in their own way and perfect the way they are we need not mutate them else we might end up loosing some other quality. Be it Women or Men Perfection in relations is not required its just the understanding which maters. If understanding is correct may be the people involved are not perfect but the relation will definitely be perfect.

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