My antidote for their ailing tummy
|   May 23, 2017
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My antidote for their ailing tummy

Digestive issues in kids range from reflux to constipation to colic to smelly poo and we've experienced it all. Both my kids had a range of digestive issues. Sometimes we treated them with home remedies and sometimes with allopathic medicines. Sometimes we would give physiotherapy while on some occasions we modified the diet. In short it's always a trial and error method. You can never be sure what will soothe your baby. one size fit all approach never works with digestive ailments, especially in kids.

Reflux: My elder daughter had reflux but it went undiagnosed for the most part. She would throw up after every meal. I was changing her clothes and mine and bedspreads 4 times a day. But we tried to soothe her by propping her slightly upright, giving her ajwain zeera water (homemade gripe water) etc.

With my younger one it was slightly more severe. She had a more acute acidity problem. She would not throw up but she would arch her back, fuss before eating. She had a very very poor appetite. She could refuse a feed for 3 days at a stretch. Her case had to be treated with an allopathic medicine called Lanzol junior. We consulted our pediatrician before starting her on the meds and I recommend the same to everyone.

Colic: Who doesn't know what this is. It's the mother of all digestive ailments in kids. Usually elders swear by gripe water. But peds these days ask parents to avoid it due to the alcohol content in store bought gripe water. I would make a batch each morning for both my kids. This contained equal parts of ajwain zeera sauf and dil seeds boiled in water till the water becomes half. I would also massage their stomachs from left to right with coconut oil. This would give them relief in a few minutes. Colicaid is another well known and very widely used allopathic medicine for colic.

Constipation: My elder daughter struggled with constipation on and off. I wouldn't know how to relieve her. Doctors prescribed stool softeners which would work partially. Then once my mother in law administered enema at home. This worked immediately. After that day I always gave her an enema. It's the best remedy to constipation in kids. But please check with your doctor before doing this.

I've shared some of the remedies that have worked for me and my kids with digestive issues. Hope this helps.


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