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|   Sep 15, 2016
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The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum is the key to being a healthy and happy mum.

Today with the power of Google everything we need to know about anything is available at our fingertips. A ton of information is available on nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum. A lot is being written about the intake of fruits, vegetables, healthy balanced diet. But not much is mentioned on the traditionally recommended foods like ghee, singade ka atta, gaund etc.

During my first pregnancy when my mother in law and mum insisted that I eat certain high-calorie foods traditionally known to be beneficial to pregnant and nursing women I wouldn't consume these foods without a fuss or worry about putting on extra weight. I thought I was consuming a balanced diet as per today's standards and hence I'll spring back into action after the baby in the pink of health. But my postpartum period was terrible. I had every ache and pain known to man. My back, my heels, my wrist, finger joints everything, every bone in my body ached. And I feel like It can easily be attributed to my poor 'balanced diet' that lacked these traditionally recommended foods.

Singhare Ka Atta:

This is highly beneficial during pregnancy as well as postpartum. Not only is it rich in nutrients but is also beneficial in protecting the foetus against threatened abortion.


Also known as Ding is especially beneficial during pregnancy and lactation. Consumption during pregnancy helps strengthen the backbone which is under increasing pressure due to the core muscles expanding. It also is great for lactation and is known to increase milk supply.


Considered highly calorific and high in cholesterol most people are reluctant to consume ghee in their daily diet. However, Ayurveda considers it a magical food product. It contains healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins which are essential during pregnancy. It is also known to improve mood and is very beneficial for mood swings and mild depression during pregnancy and postpartum.

Turmeric Milk:

Now widely popular as Golden Milk or Turmeric Latte in the west our very own humble turmeric milk is considered very beneficial in the last few weeks of pregnancy as it is a uterine stimulant and a mild pain killer that could make childbirth easier.

So ladies do pay heed to the advice that you receive from the previous generation. They didn't have Google in their time but what they did and do have is tried and tested knowledge from generations before them.

I have benefited a lot from the advice of my mum in law, her sisters, and my mum. I'm sure you will benefit too from the knowledge of your elders.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay blessed

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