Happiness is what you!!!
|   May 09, 2017
Happiness is what you!!!

Lesson learnt the real happiness is what I’m and what I’m doing. Everyone will have tough faces of they own life. It’s how we handle and how mature you take it up.

I have never felt bad why I have been born as female because I love being a girl, daughter, wife, sister, mommy….some of my friends use to tell  that they might born as a guy because guys enjoys they life. I do enjoy my life in my own way. Happiness is in your hand not on gender to gender.

And yeah guys generally don’t take things serious like us and they don’t forecast. I won’t say we shouldn’t take things very serious and we can’t be light as well. We girls can manage any level of pressure depression stress. We are able balance both work and personal life. Say in office we undergo various level of stress, workloads, peer pressure but still we will make it out.. Be always positive never ever compare yourself with anyone else.

Find out what make you happy you may have a hectic life no time for yourself but doing some little things makes you much happy reading your favorite book, dancing may be a glass of wine spending time with your loved ones….find it out

Do things which makes you happy it can be anything because it your happiness no one can stop. Don’t feel shy of asking … get things done be very open you’re not sweet to be always sweet add some spices to you. In life you will be having all ups and downs but it’s all temporary don’t be so worried or stressed in give pause for some time or days. Time heels everything.  Be happy my lovely ladies.

Start a day with do to list both in personal and work life. Because when you put it on paper or on in a notes which is most important one that you will put it first and you can prioritizing your work and do it accordingly. It’s not only for work related things even your food menu. Prepare a list for a week write from breakfast lunch and dinner and paste on ur fridge so that daily you don’t want get confused on food menu.

Always listen to your inner voice that really take a correct and  good decision. I really believe in it.

Be proud to be a women your dressing, make up , hairdo  should be ur wish never ever bother on anyone else or the society  see your life your family be focused and enjoy it in your own way. At times be selfish on what you want and what you don’t want. Try saying NO. If something annoys just ignore it  on move on. Don’t have guilt feeling at all. Try to learn something new it can be food recipe, new workouts, yoga, swimming, driving classes, new book etc.

Have a big and proud smile always on your face. And be positive always.

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