Lifestyle Photography
|   Dec 09, 2015
Lifestyle Photography

Infant and Maternity Photography is a very celebrated genre of photography in western countries but in India it still needs time to bloom. We in India do not celebrate Pregnancy and giving birth to a child but we follow certain norms that has been passed by our elders. We are told loads of things to do and not to do but the fact that motherhood should be celebrated is seldom told to us.

Today's generation is very smart very internet savvy but some how women are still not comfortable to show there baby bump ....come on girls its a thing to show off and to be proud about, shed that inhibition and wear your baby bump with a panache because its only few months of your life that you get to wear it. When I was expecting my child 11 years ago it was one of the best moments of my life I so wished I could have documented those days in the form of photographs with the help of a professional photographer but alas! could not find one in a big city like Kolkata, had to make do with the clicks by my family members which are of course amateur.

Since I am an enthusiast was searching for such genre of photographers in my city Kolkata but was able to find none who specialize, found dozens of wedding photographers,event photographers, stock photographers,media photographers and many more but Lifestyle photographers, not a single person. 

We used to go to photo studios with our parents for a family click, it was a trend back then 30 years ago but ever since the encroachment of digital cameras and more so the mobile cameras people have forgotten the family photo sessions that we used to have with our parents and grand parents. Selfie is the trend but again its amateur and mostly with weird angles and foolish lighting's. Life style photography is that kind of field where all the members are equally seen sharing the frame and under it Maternity and Infant photography is where selfies do not work at all ....selfies are a big no no. 

For any kind of Lifestyle photography one needs a person who is adept with the situation and can guide you through a very memorable photo session that can result to memories in the form of photographs that can be cherished for life after all we have stopped making babies like our ancestors so let it be a life time experience.

I do Lifestyle photography although there are very few people who are ready to spend their time and money for this as now a days everyone has a digital camera and everyone has become a photographer.

To sum it up for today Lifestyle photography is not new its just that we lost it somewhere in the midst of our busy life and digital cameras and selfies. Reviving it is a good idea. We all need a bit of a shake up in this genre of photography.


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