I don't want to go !
|   Feb 06, 2017
I don't want to go !

Honey!I have got a promotion and we have to move ! excitement was just overflowing my husband 's voice but me....my heart began to sink,eyes moist and mind started thinking...what ? not again! This was my fifth relocation in my ten years of marriage and with a hyperactive kid and an infant ,this news was not at all,a happy news....Atleast not for me! I just wanted to be happy in my comfort zone,in a place where I had friends,  job which  I could manage with my kids too but now I will have to start afresh... laying foundation of our social circle,looking for several things as school,job ,house,maid and countless things which seem not to be very important but are an integral part of our life. Where on the other hand my husband was too happy afterall he got a promotion,he was touching highs in his career but What about me....Am I a stamp attached to the envelope?Or I am not a good wife as  Mai Apne pati ki Khushi me Khush nai ho paa rahi..It's really tough for the lady to relocate again and again.And why only wife ha 's to relocate on husband's promotion or transfer?How many husband  relocate on a wife's promotion.?  I think answer will be None. In the seven vows of marriage,it was all about walking together,it was not about being left behind.But is it being followed....wife can sacrifice her aspirations,dreams,carrer,comfort and everything but a husband can't and will not. Its not that I don't love me husband but if I choose my mental peace over his promotion ...Am I wrong? Even friends , relatives very boldly assume that I will be moving with my hubby as it's not a big deal for a female but I think what if the situation was just opposite... people will be assuming the same  for my husband too!Or there is a change in the mindset?



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