#Mominspiration..... Motherhood is above everything!
|   May 13, 2017
#Mominspiration..... Motherhood is above everything!

Mother's day is the occasion to celebrate Motherhood, it is the bond between the child and mother which is so sacred ,pious and full of sentiments that even penning these emotions create moist in my eyes.My mother has been an inspiration and will always be my pillar of strength but this mother's day I want to share a real story which has given me a new insight about motherhood ..as it is a sentiment which is above all the irrational things such as caste ,Creed ,education etc. You are a mother and that's it ....You are epitome.

One of my very good friend Avni recently got separated from  her husband,.... reasons were alcholic ,abusive, dominating and above all a "Weak person" but the separation was not easy as her own mother was against the idea of separation. Avni's mother is a qualified lady from a well off family background but her conservative approach was overpowering her motherhood and she was reluctant to take Avni back. She was more worried about the societal pressure than her daughter's​ self respect and happiness .Many a times even I was also "ordered"  to convince Avni to" Try and Adjust" but suddenly another mom became inspiration for this mom and for me too. 

This another mom was illiterate ,poor and a lady who might not be knowing the meaning of feminism ......Our maid ! Now you will be wondering how ?? 

6 months back Avni had returned from her husband's house with strong determination to fight back . Avni's mother was having a discussion with Lakshmi mausi about  Laxmi mausi's daughter who was married sometime back and the fate of two daughters was the same ..but the reply which came from the other side made me realise that strength is not restricted by circumstances .Lakshmi mausi very calmly answered "I have brought my daughter back and I am not going to send her back to  die" we all were surprised by the calmness in her tone.On questioning what will people say lakshmi mausi said "people are free to speak whatever they like to speak but she is my daughter I had given birth to her , how can I leave her in pain now?  She has two hands she will  work for herself "

Such was the impact of her strong willed words that  Avni's mom had tears in her eyes and she said" I come from an affluent family ,I am qualified, my daughter is independent still I am thinking about society and not about my own daughter  and you are ready to fight against world for your daughter."

Lakshmi mausi came as an Angelic Persona for Avni as now her mother is her Savior and support.

 I salute you Lakshmi  Mausi being  uneducated, poor, could not impede  your motherhood and  you stood as an inspiration to the society for your daughter justifying your motherhood.

Ps.I have changed names.


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