A different view to women's day!
|   Mar 10, 2017
A different view to women's day!

8 march was the day when newspapers, magazines,internet, WhatsApp ,messenger basically every mode of media was flooding with celebratory messages..... Happy women's day!

      Suddenly we women became too proud of ourselves , it's not that we don't know our worth or we need to have a particular  day to flaunt our capabilities.....Women have excelled in each and every field politics, sports ,army ,navy ,medicine ,research,art,media, corporates.....You just name a field and a successful women must be there to hold the flag of existence there.

But do you think celebrating a day as women's day is sufficient in a country named India? Or it's just a hype created by media and some corporate companies who want to encash this occasion as there are deals on almost everything on women's day to lure the customer......Discount on flight tickets,apparels,hotels,restaurants,movie tickets,.....But do you think these privelages are availed by that part of our society, which we call Downtrodden or underprivileged.....Oh! women ofcourse! Or I should be more precise.... getting a nice spa session,or celebrating a get-together at a high class restaurant...... Really!!   Do you agree that this should be the way to celebrate the women's day?

There is a prominent female workforce around us,which is not qualified,or they suffer domestic violence, unhealthy hazardous environment , childmarriage,rape,eveteasing,dowry death....countless issues are there in their lives.These women never celebrate any day because when their existence itself  isn't recognised,do they have a claim over women's day? Untill this section also gets education,health,safety,and a right to live,our enthusiasm to celebrate women's day is all fake.If one on one we try to empower another women ,what will be the scenario.....Just imagine!!

For example my maid has five daughters and not even a single girl has seen the preface of a school.....So what is Womens day for these girls?? I am trying to do my bit by teaching one of her daughters.Atleast a basic education will provide her an insight towards the world.

Women's day is definitely a day to cherish but it can be made really relevant if we the educated ones try to empower another women too! The approach can be anything...like giving education, providing medicines,creating awareness about their rights,making them economically self sufficient or any other route which could empower them in a way.When every single women will have a right to get education,a healthy social structure,and a right to live her life on her own terms....That will be a true women's day!!

P.s-These are my views to make a society better but not only for a particular lot but also for every single Women!! I hope you agree?

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