Who is the killer.?Cancer or mindset
|   Jan 11, 2017
Who is the killer.?Cancer or mindset

No one wants to Remember bad memories but memories keep on haunting specifically the bad ones.I still remember the day my mom was operated on her right breast for the disease,people don't want to think even.Everything is still alive coz it came as a bitter shock to us,because Maa always lead a healthy lifestyle.Then why us...why my mom?suddenly we all started searching about it....trying to explore various treatments,therapies. In our own petty ways we tried to tell maa'everything is going to be ok'God knows we were trying to give solace to her or we were comforting ourselves by doing so.

And as if surgery was not enough radiotherapy chemotherapy followed.The therapy took away mom's hair, fair complexion and above all her inner strength.It was really tough phase of life...Papa always stood as a pillar,we children also tried our best to comfort Maa.But people think otherwise,There were morons who stared at her,some even had opinion that it is a return of some sins,..People who had a little or no knowledge also tried to show their knowledge but without thinking  that a single wrong information can be scary for the patient.What to expect from a society which instead of giving strength to the patient and family.....try to shatter our courage.What sort of society is this?

Even today if someone has survived cancer....people have a question in their filthy mind....why and how long?A patient who is trying to come back to normalcy,can't he be left alone.Is it that difficult for a society to leave it that way?No one can imagine what a patient might feel at this thinking.

 Cancer doesn't discriminates..but there is definitely a ray of hope,if detected early and the patient needs lots of love and support to fight the battle.The family also tries their best to cope up so if you can't do anything positive .Please Don't try to subbotagge their courage.Mere comforting words can be of great help.....and if you don't know the facts please don't try to be judgemental.

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