Flipping head over heels for Flipkart
|   Jan 08, 2016
Flipping head over heels for Flipkart

My first brush with this online marketplace called ‘Flipkart’ happened when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child. I was desperately trying to get my then five year old to get more enthusiastic about sleeping in her own room. Was quite the battle, let me tell you that!

My husband and I tried everything, from telling her that she was too old to sleep between us, to comparing her to friends her age who had already aced through the process. Just didn’t work! That was when a dear friend who is in marketing herself said, “don’t force the idea down her throat; sell it to her.” And so a corporate trainer suddenly changed profession at a very advanced stage of pregnancy and deployed all the tricks of the marketing trade. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I hit upon this brilliant idea of making her responsible for redecorating her own room. For a kiddo who had seen her mum in charge of all the redecorating in the house, it certainly meant a lot to be able to do her room up just the way she liked. Okay, so step 1 was a grand success. Now for step 2. How does a heavily pregnant woman go from shop to shop with an excited child to spend endless hours pondering over which shade of pink is the right pink or which size of the Barbie cushion is just right? Not my cup of tea just then!

Well, if I can do my grocery shopping and clothes shopping online, I can certainly order all the jazz right from home too, can’t I? While browsing over the net, I realised, Flipkart somehow had a solution for all her needs!

And so began the endless hours, tucked away in bed with a laptop, pouring over ideas together. She had already made an exhaustive list of exactly what she wanted for her room. I had to sit her down and explain that while she had a free rein, we certainly had to work within a budget. So, lists were scratched off and re-made. But a few ‘must haves’ stayed on – Disney princesses bedspread in just the right shade of candy floss pink, a matching blanket, pink and beige curtains to complete the overwhelmingly pink picture. Then of course came the accessories. Disney princesses wall stickers, wall clock, throw cushions in various shades of pink (again) with different princesses etched on them, a small rug (thankfully beige this time), a pink and white open bookshelf to house her games, books and toys. Looking back now, I can count innumerable instances when we revisited Flipkart to buy more ‘must haves’ (sigh). All that talk about a budget did fly out of the window, but when the aforesaid products came with fabulous discounts, it made all the pain go away. Many of them came with a discount of over 50% on Flipkart!!

By the time my husband came back 10 days later from an office trip, the pink room was up in all of its pink glory and the bill had hit his account. Whether it was a surprise or a shock, I will leave that to him to decide but my daughter was so thrilled with her first decorating venture that she solemnly pledged to sleep in her room, under the glow-in-the-dark star stickers that adorned the ceiling. Well, as for me, I got more space on the bed for me and my tummy and as they say, “all is well that ends well!!!!” Thank you Flipkart!


While browsing through the net, I happened to see this very interesting video, a standup comedy by kids: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrFlipkart

I watched it with my little princess and she kept saying "Ma, do you understand this!!"

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