Getting the Right Gift for Young Parents
|   Feb 02, 2017
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Getting the Right Gift for Young Parents

I have been a new mum twice and every time anyone got me and my baby another dress or baby brush, I would think in my mind, “how I wish someone would just give me a year’s supply of diapers instead”. Wishful thinking!! But then, that’s the truth of the matter.

Having a baby is a beautiful experience and you are on cloud nine, but once the euphoria of “oh what a beautiful tiny human being I have created” settles, reality sets in and with it come the sleepless nights, the constant feeding, cleaning of susu and poop and the mounting piles of nappy pads and diapers in the garbage bin. And I say nappy pads and diapers because I used both for my little ones. At home, during the day, the girls had a cotton nappy cloth on with a nappy pad snuggly fitting onto their bottoms and during their afternoon naps and night sleep, a diaper made its appearance. Outings again were only with diapers on. Obviously, as a parent, we do not really budget or begrudge the amount we spend on our little ones, but it goes without saying that your biggest expense initially and for a year at least, is that of diapering. So naturally, I would wish that I had a fairy godmother who constantly kept the supply of diapers going.

As far as diapering was concerned, my husband and I were unanimous with our choice; we stuck to Pampers. The easy on the skin, light material of the diaper still did the task of avoiding leakages and that was great for our girls, so once the girls started walking and we began the dreaded potty training, we easily scaled up to the Pampers Premium Pant diapers. Easy to change with a wriggly toddler who refuses to stay in one position for more than a nano second, I think that diaper pants are the best invention for both moms and kids and of course fathers who are involved in diapering as well. 

My younger daughter is almost out of her diaper stage as well and a few months ago, when I shopped for my usual bag of diapers that I buy online, I discovered that Pampers had launched something new in the world of diaper pants – the all new Pampers Premium Care Pants. After just a couple of uses, I must admit that I am totally sold on them. Apart from the usual benefits that Pampers as a brand and a product offers, these new Pamper Premium Diaper pants are also equipped with a lighter, softer, and airier feel that leave my kiddo confused if she is indeed in diapers still and me happy as the wetness level indicator is a gentle reminder for me to change her diaper. These pants also have baby lotion fused into them which ensures that my daughter’s skin stays smooth and rash free even in the chilly winter nights.

Now, when my active (read as naughty) little one sleeps through the night I don’t know who to thank more – Pampers or that fairy godmother I found (a dear aunt) who generously bought me a large bag of Pampers Premium Diaper Pants. I just wish these diaper pants had been in existence when my older one was still a baby. Greed!

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