Hunger pangs lead to junk eating? Not anymore!
|   Jul 04, 2017
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Hunger pangs lead to junk eating? Not anymore!

I need a Brake! No it is not a spelling mistake; you read it right. I do need a brake!


Someone told me recently that I do not know how to relax, that I am constantly rushing from chore to chore, and be it household jobs, office work or a thousand things that I have to and love to do for my kids and husband, I find myself running all the time. My to-do list is perpetually overflowing and I seem to be eating and drinking whatever is easily accessible, without too much concern over its nutritional value. At the end of the day, I seem to take in a lot more empty calories just to appease my hunger pangs than I take in foods of nutritional value. As a result, the amount of fruits and vegetables and foods rich in protein, vitamins and other important nutrients are perpetually low.


Of course, as a mother and a wife, I am particular about what I serve my husband and children. I fret over the junk food that has made its place of permanency in our lives. I try to figure out better ways to include more of fruits and vegetables into the daily meals and experiment with different recipes to keep the enthusiasm going during meal times. I try to strike a balance between all the nutrients that they require to replenish the ones that are zapped out due to their exhausting routines.


Despite all my efforts, my husband and children are always in a rush to get somewhere  or do something and in that rush to go to work or school or some class or the other, they also unwittingly end up grabbing something that is easily accessible as well. It is usually a few biscuits to satiate those hunger pangs or a quick dip into whatever is there in the fridge.  I also tried, rather unsuccessfully to place bowls of dry fruits and baskets of fruit in strategic places so that they could grab them easily and take a bite. While it has worked at times, the checks and balances of their intake still does not add up to what it should.


I recently attended a workshop organized by Tropicana where several renowned nutritionists spoke about the importance of packing the right amount of nutrition in to our daily intake and about how fruits and vegetables have the most nutritional value.  It is a fact universally acknowledged that we are all in a rush and we end up not imbibing enough energy producing nutrients to take us through the day. The one thing that gets pushed out of the plate by most children is the carefully prepared veggies and the tiffin box of fruit slices are usually brought back untouched. The latest offerings by Tropicana-the new range of Essentials is quite inspiring for rushed mothers like me. It has fruits and veggies combined in perfect proportions so as to not compromise on taste and yet packs the right punch when it comes to the nutrients it offers. An excellent source of vitamin A and C, it contains vegetables such as carrot and beetroot, vegetables that are not very easy to push down your family‚Äôs throat.


I brought home some of the sample packs and left them strategically in the fridge instead of the usual juices that my family loves to snack on. While the carrot is still a bit of a struggle with the kids, they absolutely loved the beetroot and apple juice. Even when in a rush to get somewhere, the tetra pak is something they have started reaching out for a few quick gulps.

While slowing down does not seem to be an option for me, I am at least happy that I have the right snacks around the house to provide the nutrients that we all need as a family to meet the demands of the day. Brake or no brake, I am happy that nutrition wise I am not failing my family. 

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