We all have some hero in our family!
|   Jan 21, 2017
We all have some hero in our family!

One question that puzzles my mind is why we humans do not even want to donate something which is no more ours after death? I feel philanthropy is the only thing that one can do during ones’ life time and even post death. Now what stops us from being an organ donor? Is it only the myths associated with after life or lack of transparency in our organ donation system or something else? We do see various govt. initiatives such as 24X7 helplines, websites together with various NGOs, celebrities and hospitals promoting the cause but what still lacks in all such initiatives is full-fledged public marketing of the donors themselves.All such institutions try to advertise about themselves on how they are helping the society and end up mostly marketing themselves in the process. Currently all the marketing collateral would contain the pictures of celebrities, institution and other influential politicians but never a single picture of actual donors. If not on a large scale, organisations can provide publicity to the donors at a local level (e.g.) at their locality level etc. which will automatically attract and encourage a lot many towards the cause without the need to spend a fortune on organizing events at a very large scale. What we usually notice is that in case a politician or a celebrity donates a single organ it is highlighted in the media and celebrities get praised all their life for their generous gesture towards the society but when a common man (even if he donates his entire body) does the same he is appreciated with a certificate in closed rooms and the story ends there. Is it not the time to give publicity to the people especially those who pledge their whole body for such a cause and make them a local hero and give them a sense of pride for their great work? Organisations working for organ donation should market their real heroes (donors) and not themselves to see the huge surge in organ donation at all levels."

In our family one such hero is my father who pledged his body and have made us think about yet another way of serving the society when we are no more.

Please do share comments about your hero in life... for us to learn and grow together...

Author: Nitu Sharma

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