Your child understands you
|   Sep 10, 2015
Your child understands you

Right infront of my eyes two barbie dolls are sleeping on beds  which my daughter has prepared yesterday with my dupatta and  his brother bed sheet. While going to school she told me not to disturb them while barbies sleep and I obeyed that.

I am enjoying every bit of raising my kids and must accept that learn so many things daily  in this process. Today when I am writing this , one incident which is popping up in my mind when we shifted to Banglore one year back, It was the first day I was leaving Pihu in new daycare and she was not happy about it . She started crying and I was trying to  make her understand that only for 3-4 hours she had to stay in daycare and why it is important for me to go to office .  One of the parents who were sttting there told me that it is the first day, all kids cry  I have to leave her and daycare staff will handle that. I denied  and told that it s not like that for my daughter until and unless she understands why I am leaving  her, I would not go from here. I was successful in doing that and very happy about it . I could have forcibly left her and as a child she did not have any control but I did not follow that path . I always have believed and experienced that child understands each and every emotion.  In my parenting I always make sure that Pihu understands why I am doing anything even if she does not like it.

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