Attracting love,health and money 
|   Aug 03, 2017
Attracting love,health and money 

Hi friends

How would you feel if you could attract all you need in your life by just visualising things?

Have you ever heard about Rhonda Byrne?

Yes the Australian lady who is best known for her thought books

The secret, the power and the magic

All these talks about “law of attraction”

For law of attraction to work you need to do 3 things

1) Ask

2) Believe

3) Receive

Yes, just three simple steps and you will be able to live the life you have dreamt of.

Ask from the universe what you want may it be love, health or money

Believe that it will come true. Visualise what you asked for.

Visualising things whole heartedly will turn your thoughts into reality.

 You will receive what you wanted.

Sometimes you attract negative things the reason behind it is you keep focusing on bad things happening in your life. Instead of being grateful for what you have.

What you give to the universe you will get back in return.

Think happiness and receive happiness

Think negative and receive negativity.

In order to live a life full of happiness and positivity and attract what you desires try to follow the following:

A) Make it a habit of writing down 5 things that you are grateful for every night before you go off to sleep.

B) Write down your dreams/goals. Don’t think of small things, Think big believe me you will achieve it.

C) the most important thing you must do is visualise what you want to be, where you want to be and what you want in life. Close your eyes and think of the position you always dreamt of, or think about the life you always wanted ,or think about a person who you always loved loving you the way you want.

Try making it a ritual before going to bed every day.

Friends you deserve more than what you have so instead of complaining about things you don’t have start expressing gratitude for what you have and see your life changing



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