Fall in love all over again
|   Jul 26, 2017
Fall in love all over again

                                                Hey gorgeous females out there. Yes you

 I am taking to you. When was the last time you fell in love?

Probably it must be when you met your Mr. Perfect. The love of your life. Your partner in crime. Remember those days?

You would dress up for him and look the best you could. Before meeting him you used to try all that’s in your wardrobe until you found the perfect dress. Those sexy heels, those lip shades and your perfect hairdo. Those were the best days of your life. Those memories are still fresh in your mind.

 I know you have a smile on your smile.

As the years passed is everything still the same?

May be it is yes for some and no for many. The excitement levels have gone down. All things have become so monotonous. Now you have kids and all the time you are busy taking care of your house, in laws, husband, kids.

What about you?

Have you ever tried to look into the mirror, stop for a minute, smile and say loudly I am in love with myself?

Yes, I want you all to fall in love again but this time with yourself.

Even if no one says let me remind you that you are God’s most beautiful creation.

Ladies start taking out some “me” time. Do what makes you happy. Go for a walk, take a massage, get a head spa, and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Some tips that will help you love yourself:

 stop accepting your negative thoughts

 never apologize for who you are or what you like

 don’t compare yourself to others- you are UNIQUE

 try to accept you’re your “flaws” as a part of the unique you

 reject the media’s limited ideal of beauty- create your own

 recognize that ‘perfection’ is unattainable without acceptance

 know that acceptance doesn’t happen overnight, but with time

I am sure when you start sparing time for yourself life will be all the more beautiful.

So ladies what are you waiting for go stand in front of the mirror say

“I am in love”

 “I am in love with myself"

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