This independence day we women want "Freedom"
|   Aug 11, 2017
This independence day we women want "Freedom"

India is today recognised as an independent nation, worldwide. But that independence signifies only the end of British raj. Every year we celebrate Independence Day. We plan a picnic, have a gala time with family or friends, if it’s a long weekend we go on a short trip with friends or family. We celebrate our nation’s independence. This year let’s try to bring a change and tell the world women had enough now we want freedom. 

Have your every realised in this independent India do we women have the independence to do what we feel like?

Ask yourself 

Are we really independent? Do we have the freedom?

This Independence Day let’s ask for freedom

1) Freedom to wear anything:  

       Yes. We have talked about this and we will continue to till we really get the freedom to wear anything without those catcalls or whistles or those stares. We need freedom from judgement, perversion, voyeurism and just the feeling of being unsafe in our own country.

      2) Freedom to go anywhere: 

Almost every woman has a curfew whether we talk about it or no. we hesitate to take ubers alone at night. We choose restaurants according to the crowds. We always have concerned parents, friends, and husbands to answer to.

    3) Freedom from sexual harassment:

 Women are afraid of sexual harassment-on public transport, on the road, at workplace, even in relationships. Why should assault be a natural part of every woman’s life in India?

 6) Freedom from sexism at workplace:

 Sexual harassment, absurd appraisals and objectification are just a few things we need freedom from at workplace.

7) Freedom from the burden of honour:

 Women in India carry the burden of their family’s honour wherever they go. Our family’s or community’s honour cannot be tied to the kind of jobs we have, the clothes we wear, the person we marry or the life we lead. (Source

This independence day Share it with other females in your acquaintance and let the world know we want “Freedom”.

 Open up and share your views and help women in India live a life of independence

Happy Independence Day!!


Sonam dhalla

Keep rising keep shining ladies 

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