A mother is NOT superhuman.
|   May 13, 2017
A mother is NOT superhuman.

I don't think "superwoman" is a compliment. I think it's a burden. 

Women seem to become superwomen after their babies are born because childrearing is considered to primarily be the mother's domain. "A baby needs its mother" is a convenient excuse given by some people to opt out of baby duties. 

Sure, the baby depends on its mother the most. There is no substitute for motherly comfort. But that should not stop the father from shouldering some of the responsibility and taking care of things like bathing, burping, putting to sleep, changing diapers, or simply entertaining baby while mum takes a break. He should also pitch in to get the household chores done.

No matter how strong the so-called "maternal instinct" is, nobody can be a mother 24×7. Yet, so many of us are trudging through motherhood without adequate support, physical or emotional. What most people fail to understand is that if the mother is not happy, the baby is not happy. By forcing or pressuring the mother to always remain with the baby, they aren't doing the baby any favors. 

It is such a shame when educated, young fathers of the 21st century think that their contribution to parenting is limited to earning money for the family. They behave as if the mother has a good life at home, playing with the baby, while they battle work stress and office politics all day every day. However, if the mother wants to earn for the family, she is labelled as "selfish" and "ambitious." Why the bias?

So, no, please don't call mothers who seem to have it all together as "superwomen." You don't know what odds are stacked up against them. You don't know the truth behind that fake smile. Please marvel in private because your gushing is simply more pressure on them to maintain a perfect image. 

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