My Son, You Will Be Raised Differently!
|   Jun 30, 2016
My Son, You Will Be Raised Differently!

My little man, your birth has brought a lot of joy to everyone around. Your Ma has battled her inner demons for a while to overcome her bias towards a female child. Now she truly feels happy to see you smile and drool.

Yes, thats rightshe wanted a girl so very badly. She wanted to raise an independent and fearless girl who would not be bound by societys retrogressive notions. Nevertheless, Ma has you now and she intends to raise you right. You will learn that you are not special by dint of your gender, even though some of your family members may treat you that way.

You will learn to respect women, not because they demand it, but because they are human beings in their own right.

You will learn to see them as people first, and then in the various other roles that they play in society.

You will learn that housework is not a womans job; it is the job of everyone living in that house.

You will learn that being male does not give you the right to strike a female or exercise your power in any way.

You will learn the meaning of consent and why you must respect it.

You will learn that your income does not determine your worth and you do not automatically become better than others just because you earn more than them.

You will learn that you have as much right to cry and be emotional as girls do; it is not a weakness.

You will learn that child rearing is not just a mothers domain; it is as much a fathers responsibility as it is the mothers.

You will learn not to perpetuate gender stereotypes because they are simply not true. Finally, you will learn that being a boy does not excuse bad or misogynistic behavior.

Grow strong and smart, my son! 

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