Breastfeeding- Be Proud of it!
|   Jul 27, 2016
Breastfeeding- Be Proud of it!

I had decided I would be a prepared mom. I would know the ins and outs of baby- feed, burp, clean everything. So started my extensive read on blogs, books, sites, apps and what not. I had always been a bookworm. Those 9 months whatever whenever I read was all about delivering a child, stages of pregnancy, how to choose what I would like to feed my child etc etc etc.

The 9 months went in a flash. Though I thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant and pampered I couldn't wait to meet my little one. When I saw him and touched him I could feel what people meant by terming their babies as the greatest joys of their life. Now came the easiest ( as I thought) part - feeding. All my earlier research had already helped me make up my mind go exclusively breastfeed him.

Thanks to the angel of a doctor I had, he fully supported me. All thanks to the Almighty, I am blessed to have a plentiful supply of food for my little one. The littlest tyke that he is found his way to fulfill his hunger quite easily. Having a C-section I was arrested in the lying position for that day itself. But I made sure my baby had nothing except his "mamma-milk".

Yes I wouldn't say I wasn't tempted to give him a formula feed at times- specially at nights when I felt too sleepy. I could see everyone else sleeping, particularly the father and having a great night's sleep. But something in me stopped me from feeding him formula.

So, to all those new mums or would be mums out there. Please go all out and feed your little one nothing but what is exclusively his own. Make preparations to feed him from your pregnancy itself. Let me tell you its one of the most divine feelings you ever have. Dont ever shy away from it. I agree, your breasts might never look the same again. But that's alright. After all you also have the stretch marks- the scars to remind you of the amazing time you had counting kicks of your sweetheart, getting pampered for him, all those nauseating moments.

To the dads, yes its a very hard job the mother has taken over. Please appreciate her effort. She might not look her best always. But tell her you love her. Emotional connect and stability has a lot to do with milk production - that's entirely my theory. You might not be able to help in the feeding part but you can always help her by changing the nappies, burping the little one.

But yes, I am not against moms who choose to formula feed their babies for some reason or the other. Its your baby and YOU have the right to choose whats best for him.

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