Lost my husband after I had my son
|   Jul 18, 2016
Lost my husband after I had my son

Married for 4 years both Ria and. Rohan thought it was the right time to have a baby. And after a few trials their wish was granted. Their marriage was one where there were a lot of ups and downs.

Having dated for 4 years they had taken the leap of faith. Yes Ria was just 21 when she was married but so what she loved that man and was ready to leave her parents and be with him. But the initial days werent romantic for them. Not a single day went without her crying herself to sleep. But SNAP something went off in Rohan after a few months into their marriage and they went on to become the best of friends. Inseparable- was the word people used to describe them.

Now as per their wish, their bundle of joy arrived. Ria and Rohan both loved him to the core and they lost themselves to him. Just 3 months of parenthood and they were losing it.Unknowingly a huge void was forming between them. From the couple who hardly fought they went on to become the couple who were always bickering at each other. Not that they had lost the love between them but something somewhere was lost.

Ria wanted to put it right. Rohan became verbally abusive to her for every little thing that wasn't wrong but just yhat he didn't like it. She couldn't take it. It reminded her of her initial days of marriage. But how could she leave Rohan?! After all the child needed both of them and she couldnt let her parents go throught the pain of seeingtheir daughter's broken marriage. Is it the fear for her child?! Is it because of her parents or is it because she is weak?!

She was feeling claustrophobic. Searching everywhere for a clue so she decided to confide in me and here I am confiding to you.

Let me know of wgat you think....

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