|   Aug 26, 2016

Love thyself first

“Shhh….keep quiet please babu, let me hear it”, Sarita pleaded with her toddler. She was unable to decipher the dialogues of the show. Now came another break. In the meantime, she tried to finish off cleaning the kitchen and emptying the unwashed dishes into the kitchen sink. “Mamma”, called out her elder one “ where’s my geography text ? Can you help me find it?” “Beta, look for it in your shelf” she replied tersely, still in a hurry to finish off before the show stated. Finally, she had just settled down on the sofa thinking, she would now enjoy her favourite serial, then “ Where’s today’s Business Standard? I had kept it here. Where did you misplace it Sarita ? “Enquired hubby hear. She gave him a stern look from the corner of her eye. Irritated, she switched off the television and started looking for it all the while mumbling to herself “don’t have the leisure to watch an half an hour show in a day !!!!!!!!!! What about my little pleasures ? Am I not supposed to unwind?”

That night as she cuddled her kids to bed and retired for the day, she lay wide awake….Life had become so monotonous. Suddenly, it all seemed to be a burden to her. In the melee of responsibilities and running a household, she had let go of herself…..Her desires, leisure, ‘me’ moments everything. Her thought process now revolved around her kids, hubby and their being taken care of. In doing so, she had relegated herself to the back burner. She went and had a look at herself in the mirror. Weary eyes, drooping shoulders…Where was the girl who was so full of life and energy, why had she not taken care of her beauty ? Love handles hung loosely from her belly sides. She became morose. She slept with a heavy heart.

Next morning she woke up with a new resolve. Resolve, to being her old self. She had loved when people used to give her a second look or complemented her almond shaped eyes and heaped praises for her sharp features. She vowed to get those glances back.. In the course of the day, she enrolled herself for a yoga class. With little help from her husband, she tried her hand at time management of the chores and even hired a help to take care of her toddler. Sarita now listens to peppy numbers as she does her work. While she helped her daughter with her studies, she herself immersed herself in a book or surfed the net. She is now in touch with her friends, cousins and relatives via social media. On weekends, she goes to the salon after entrusting her husband ( who is all the more obliging) with the kids’ responsibility. She started eating right and added lots of water to her diet. She tried to surround herself with positive people/friends. She was an avid reader and an equally good writer before. She started pursuing her passion of writing again… She was always dressed well .

Sarita had started loving herself again. She now felt calm, content, beautiful, confident and at peace with herself. She loved her family all the more now and took care of them even better.

To all the Saritas who place their family before themselves and place them as the last priority. Spare time for yourself, pamper yourself silly, indulge yourselves and then see, with greater self esteem and confidence, how you can be all the more giving……..

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