Be Smart With Arts
|   Mar 27, 2015
Be Smart With Arts

Arts Carry a Huge Weightage towards the Development of Your Kids Brain

Several studies have consistently documented that there is a strong connection between childhood engagement in arts and accomplishments during the later stage of life. Kids exposed to different form of arts are more likely to be highly innovative, can think out of the box,  can be more relaxed, can face any amount of pressure at ease and can come out as winner. Precisely, arts have great influence on brain and mind and can improve the power of brain.

Performance of a brain has a direct co-relation with the amount of practice that a kid does to stimulate both the hemispheres of the brain and strengthen regions of the brain connected to attention, intelligence and self-control.

Don’t just allow kids to use their brain as a device to store and retrieve information. My merely engaging children in any form of art which they are prepared, kids can automatically train the brain to undergo changes functionally and eventually see improvement in intelligence, judgment, reasoning, intrinsic motivation and attention in general. It is a process of self-regulation of impulses, says an expert.

Spending Moderate Amounts of Time on Such Activity Can Have High Benefit

Researchers have concluded that even an individual with damaged brain chemistry can easily reconnect and see improved quality of life by listening to music. Music has a magic affiliation with certain hormones such as oestrogen, cortisol, and testosterone, which has control on the regeneration and repair of cerebral nerves and neurogenesis. Such research findings are real boosters for all mothers as they strengthen all other earlier evidence that links the ability of brain to involving in arts.

Similarly kids who involve in playing an instrument like guitar, violin, or key-board will not only enjoy the fun part of it, but also indirectly, unknowingly protect their brain against any decline with regular practice.

Recently, in a release, Gottfried Schlaug, an expert on music, neuroimaging and brain plasticity from Harvard Medical School highlighted on the benefit of using musical training as a tool in education and for treating a range of learning disabilities. "Listening to and making music is not only an auditory experience, but it is a multisensory and motor experience. Making music over a long period of time can change brain function and brain structure," Schlaug said in the release.

Painting on the other hand stimulates the diverse areas of the brain and improves the creative thinking of a child. Drawing, painting, sketching etc allows brain's hemispheres to work in tandem. 

India is a treasure of rich and diversified arts which dates back to more than 5000 years. The uniqueness of Indian art due to its diversity has well contributed to the artistic wonders that has changed with evolving civilization under the influence of social, religious and political expressions. Kids today need to know this, value this and experience this to see the change in them.  So, involve your kids with any form of arts – call it music, painting, dance, drama, instruments and so on. 

Pick up any form of arts to transform your kid to be smart with cognitive performance…

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