Shifting to another city? Beware as it has its own Pros and Cons
|   Mar 31, 2015
Shifting to another city? Beware as it has its own Pros and Cons



Re-locating to another place is a great stressor not only to adults, but it also affects kids to a great extent – both negatively and positively.

·         Kids worry that they would miss their friends

·         They get disturbed thinking that they have to prove all over again in the new school

·         They will miss their regular routines that were happening in the existing place

·         They get piled up with loads of thoughts about their birthdays that they would end up celebrating with new faces…

·         They feel a sudden break and halt to their dreams…

·         They feel that they have lost the roots

·         They feel dejected with the disconnection with the place they lived

·         Relationships are interrupted

·         Loss of trusted teachers..!!

But the fact is Kids bounce back faster.

·         Kids become more adaptable

·         Teaches them to be more outgoing

·         They learn to become confident among strangers

·         They fight to get more stable in an unstable environment

·         They get to learn new languages, cultures, nature of people, etc

·         They make friends quickly simply because they are left with no choice

·         They are open for varied type of people rather than the same group and choice of friends they use to have

·         They get thrilled with new experiences that teach them a lot on a day-to-day basis

Changes can be hard to kids and grown-ups. It’s just that parents need to ensure that even during a re-location period, they should keep their children on constant everyday schedules and let things be normal regardless of what is happening. This sense of stability will help kids feel safe and happy.  Give kids the space they always had, be with them, share experiences, take them out just for a drive though, and help them adapt to situations easily.

Kids are mentally very strong, all we need to do is pat them and show them the right path. Enhance their sense of self-worth by getting the whole family involved. Prepare them well ahead for the adjustments and challenges.




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