Secret of Healthy Pregnancy
|   Oct 01, 2016
Secret of Healthy Pregnancy

Secret of Healthy Pregnancy!!!

One should have a healthy pregnancy and to have a healthy pregnancy, it is not just important to have healthy food, but also to be happy and be pampered.

My husband is very shy and he minds to hold my hand in public, but during pregnancy he held my hand at every step (Lemme add here, his hands are extremely fluffy, soft, smooth and warm). Holding his hand brings a sweet smile on my face and I blush. It always reminds me of the first handshake that we had when he introduced himself.

He has fulfilled my numerous desires, let that be ice creme, chocolates, pastries, pizza, burgers, etc…Taking timeout from his busy schedule and visiting the SPA with me just for that “Feel Good Factor” was very regular. We regularly visited Sirifort for casual walks, where he expressed himself the best and conversed with the baby. A walk on the green grass used to make me feel really happy and stress-free every time I smiled I knew within me the baby also smiled.

Our romance have a very close connection with rains. In courtship period I used to say, in case if it rains today, we will meet and if it rained he always called me and said, “It’s raining and I am coming. Let’s go for a drive”, and I fulfilled my promise. Since then, I had a desire to walk with him in rains and get drenched. He had ignored this for long, but when I was pregnant he did fulfill this desire. It did rain on 15th August and we (me and the baby) had an amazing romantic walk with him(Although he was too cautious about the slippery floor but that’s alright).

We also celebrated our visits of Ultrasound. We used to be very excited to see the lil one on the screen. I remember the first time my hubby saw the baby he was so happy!  The baby’s tiny little legs, hands, finger, face. The baby’s heartbeat was superb.On the way home, he discussed it the whole time. I had never seen him smile so much. That moment was priceless for us. In the evening he even got a cake stating “Love U Mumma and Baby”. We celebrated this moment with the entire family. I guess such moments deserve to be celebrated.

Everyday, when my hubby left for office he used to kiss me and my tummy good bye and waved his hand towards both of us.  Even on calls, he inquired about the baby, what he has had?, did he sleep well?, how many times did he kick?, etc… The baby was always a priority.

Pregnancy also comes with loads of aches and pain. Throughout my pregnancy I had back ache. My husband used to give me a good massage whenever required (read Midnight) without a hitch. During the third trimester I used to have cramps and needed to walk for a relief. I had become really heavy so to get up from the bed was very difficult but he held me every time. To comfort me he used to rub my back and during winters it gave lot of warmth. He has been my favorite pillow and cushion.

I can’t thank him enough for whatever he has done. He has been there all the time.  We together have lived, experienced, enjoyed and cherished all of it. He has loved me more, cared for me even more, kept me happy and smiling most of the time. To do something so consistently is very difficult, but he did it all for 9 months/37 weeks, and with so much love.

Dear readers, this is the chance when your partner needs you the most and these are the moments which probably will never come back in your life so make the most of it.

Whatever time you have together,” Don’t just spend it, Make the most of it”. Cherish these moments together. In future, when you will look back, all you would remember will be the happy moments and not the pain, so ensure that you have ample of such moments to remember.

Good Luck and Get Lucky !!!

PS: Love you a lot Mr. Singh and Thank you so much !!!

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