Some piece of advice for wanna be parents to cross pregnancy and post pregnancy phase gracefuly!!
|   Sep 09, 2016
Some piece of advice for wanna be parents to cross pregnancy and post pregnancy phase gracefuly!!

It's been 8 years since my first baby was born and here i was pregnant yet again for the second time. It was a tough decision to bring one more baby into this world but since I was almost 35 years old and if it woudn't be now then it would be too late for me.

My 9 months of pregnancy were full of ups and down as I was working and went to office till the beginning of my 9 th month. I gave birth to my second son in 9th month.  I expected that since I am already a mother of 8 years old baby and post pregnancy won't be a difficult stage for me as i have prior experience but i was wrong.

Every child, every pregnancy is different. Prior experience doesn't count much. You have to face new challanges with new born baby every single day.

It doesn't matter if you have given birth before as well...every pregnancy and post pregnancy period is different. Raising second child is certainly a challange.

So i would like to give some piece of advice to wanna be parents who are seriously searching tips to cross this pregnancy and post pregnancy phase gracefully.

1)Patience is the key. If you are2 pregnant or planning to bring a baby to this world. Start practicing patience. You need patience in those post pregnancy days like hell. When you have to wake up like a zombies at night with your fully waken bundle of joy, crying at its peak. You have to show your patience at that moment. 

You know you can't scold your little baby, you can't bang your head on wall. You have to find a mid way and that mid way is PATiENCE. Mind it....

Pass this stage together. Means husband & wife should help each other equally in this stage. It is no where written that baby is priority of a mother. I have seen most of the women go through post pregnancy depression because they are expected to handle kid and all duties related to kid single handedly. She is not allowed to step out of the home for initial 40 days.  She can't watch tv, read books as it impacts the sensitive eyes, she is deprived of support from her so called "working hubby". She seriously miss her office days, her friends, her colleagues,her free life. She is stuck, stuck with a little soul who is completely dependent on her. I believe  that in this stage hubby should take some of that mental and physical burden from her and spend some quality time with her. Cuddle her, talk to her and make her feel special in those initial months. Believe me...that do wonders!!!

Life changes. Accept it. The day baby is born life changes so we as a parents should accept it. The sooner we accept this fact the better it will be. Atleast for couple of years we can't sleep for 8 hours at a stretch, we can't go out on those late night parties, we can't watch every movie in cinema hall, go on road trips, party with friends for hours. We can't. And we should accept it that it won't happen for a while but should be hopeful of the fact that life will gradually go back on track in few years. But initial phase is tough and we should prepare ourself to accept it with a smiling face.

Last but not the least we should follow our heart in raising your child your way. You will hear loads of suggestions, nuskas do this, do that, don't do this , don't do that...follow the facts, leave the superstitions behind. Follow your heart and enjoy this phase of life. Believe me, its the best phase of life...

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