An ode to my deceased father on, fathers day
|   Jun 16, 2017
An ode to my deceased father on, fathers day

It was 16th of September,

A day, now I will always remember,

When the destiny parted our ways, and none of us had a say.

It was his heart that had fail.

There was a role death had to play.

For eleven days, when he was put on a ventilator,

It was the preparation for bereavement by the magnificent creator.

He had to pay off his debts to the doctor and the hospital,

Leaving behind his kids and folks who were once valuable.

Oh, my dear mother, you proved it again!

Your six months of longing had not gone in vain.

One thing I realized you were soul mates till eternity,

your love for him was not worldly, acknowledges the fraternity.

Death may have set us apart, but my dearest parents you will stay alive in my heart....

Needless to say ,what parents are for  a child....... it is is irreparable, irrecoverable loss...Especially when someone is fortunate to have parents like I had...

Lamenting on the notion of grief, I realized it is all about absorption, adjustment and acceptance.It is an element of our own self, alteration of a new being.Initially, everyone goes through the withdrawal symptom and then comes the phase of life when you feel annoyed with the creator and the entire fraternity on the irreversible loss.Losing my parents in the span of 6 months, I realized they were soul mates and could not live apart. Their stay on earth and  with us was destined and pre-decided.

Each one of us goes through this phase.Sharing my experiences that life taught me. It will surely help you find solace in such agony.

1. Time is not a healer- Special moments in life, make you miss your dear/deceased ones all the more. Experiences teach you to adjust without them and find a way out to discover a new self. It doesn't heal.

2. You are an individual; Every time you can't remorse, share your feelings with others.Nobody lends you shoulders.Siblings play a vital role, but they do have constraints in life. Don't expect anything from anybody.

3. Destiny can't be altered- Get over with the worldly/materialistic desires. Perform karmas while detaching yourself. What goes with you is your goodwill.

4.Nothing is permanent.

5.Nobody can replace your parents.

6.You are not an object anymore, people come and play with. You learn to draw a line, where to start and where to stop.Be a spectator.

7.Prayers give you a lot of strength.

8. Don't waste your time on people who don't care about you.At the same time pray for nature to take its course.

9.You get to see how people change colours.

10. Trust your instincts and build your inner strength.

Death is a battle between life and suffering When suffering defeats life, and the life terminates.Death takes away the physical body but the soul remains immortal! It is the triumph of the soul, who is ready to take it on to a new journey.Death may have taken my loved ones far away from me but they are still alive in my hearts and my thoughts. I may not be able to see them, but I can still feel their touch. I may not be able to hear them, but their voices still echo in my ears. They may not be performing as they are not physically present but my actions reveal their reflections! Their genes and cells are still multiplying and forming a new me every day! The cycle of life is such that we all have to leave.I am glad they all will be waiting for me there till  last breath.

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