6 ways to cure your Migraines and headaches without popping a single painkiller!
|   Jun 01, 2017
6 ways to cure your Migraines and headaches without popping a single painkiller!

While walking with his wife, he was eying another lady. It was not only him, but there were many turning around and staring at this fitness freak woman! Riya was dressed up in her workout pyjamas and T-shirt, wearing a pair of good comfortable sneakers. A fit-bit watch around her wrist to keep a track of the exercises. In other hand carrying a water bottle to keep herself hydrated. She followed a comfortable regime; Jogging, Crunches, Planks. While she meditated in the park, she looked serene, peaceful and composed!

As the saying " The grass looks greener on the other side" and "our friend's tiffin is always more delicious than our's." We are always pleased to admire those things which are not in our possession. It's not that "Men will be Men, but the remarkable efforts never go unnoticed! May it be men, women, oldies or kids, everybody loves to admire the able -bodied people.

"Kudos to every lady, who believes in her endeavour to keep herself as the top priority. Ladies we do not have to dress up or stay healthy to be an eye tonic to others, but for our own self and for our families who are dependent on us!"

It feels happy to share the true story of this newly (healthy) transformed lady, Riya" I still remember those gloomy years, when Riya, my bestie would gulp a painkiller immediately after getting up from the bed.Sometimes for the persisting pain during her periods and at times for handling the pressures of life! She always had Puffy eyes, looked completely drained out. Sick to the core, as she ailed from migraines, allergies. Her dresser had more medicines than her make up stuff. Consistently tried Allopathy, Homeopathy and underwent tremendous treatments, but when surgery was given to her as an option she was shaken to the core, but good enough to awaken her dead soul!Simply following her body metabolism, She paid attention to her body demands by making a list of do's and Don'ts.

1. She changed her lifestyle by changing her thought process and eating healthy. Junk foods that were tickling her pallets were still on the list, but she cut down on them to a great extent.

a) Intake of lukewarm water, empty stomach and not eating thereafter for 45 minutes, helped her system work and removed toxins from the body.

2. Distinguishing between hunger and thirst-Taking a little portion is always better than binging. Devouring is equally bad. Conscious eating by drinking water after 1 hour of the meal, helped her maintain the weight.

3 Exercising to her capacity, she initiated with yoga. Initially for 10 minutes, gradually gaining her strength and increasing the time period.

4. Debarding the PAINKILLERS by Opting for substitutes.

As a known fact, no one loves a painful body, not even our kids, husband or immediate family. Especially when you are a married woman with kids you can not afford to fall sick! Despite the innumerable maids you have, you still need to coordinate everything and get it well executed. Why become a walking complaint box? Why behave like an unhealthy soul wandering on earth suffering the sins of the past! Why give people a chance to ignore or ridicule you? Moreover, why bear the pain when it can be controlled with a little introspection. Subsiding the pain through painkillers is a temporary solution.

Painkillers are like slow poisons. Their side effects are precarious and at times fatal. Regular intake can even cause cancers, acidity and infertility too. Those women who take it on a regular basis not only get resistant to the drug, but develop other health related apprehensions.

Sharing with you a few tried and tested tips which will help you understand the symptoms and causes of the aggravated headaches that we have it on the daily basis and we end up popping a painkiller.These tips will surely help you get relief in 5 min.

1. Sometimes when we get tired and our back, especially the neck (cervical area) starts paining it's spondylitis arragavated migraine. Symptoms include stiffness and heaviness from neck to back of the head. Keep a check on your posture. Do not bend your neck in front too much.**For this one need to apply hot fomentation on the neck area, till the pain subsides.For quick results take any hot beverage along with any spicy food (anything, may it chip, lemon pickle...)

2. When the pain starts from the temple of the forehead, it's mostly due to congestion. Do take steam and eat sweet food! Dip your feet in hot water for a few minutes. Anulom vilom exercise works wonders!

3. When you begin to yawn and the pain is about to start. Drink lots of water. This is due to acidity.Drink till you pass the motion or throw up because the acid that has accumulated in your body is due to lack of water intake.

4. Due to loud music- keep moving, don't get yourself exposed to loud music. If by chance it happens then keep rubbing your temples after every few minutes. Avoid chilled food and opt for warm fluid immediately.

5.A Headache due to heat is mostly shooting pain at the back of the head. Take the cold shower and dip your feet in tap water for about 5 min.

6. Gadgets causing shooting pain: -When you feel your eyes are too heavy and you are unable to sleep and the migraine had begun. Put eye drops and takes hot steam and switch off the gadgets for a while. Take enough water, if possible walk in the green grass.Cherish nature and try to sleep for some time.

How to cure migraines

:*Eat walnuts empty stomach for about a month.*Drink plenty of water!

Take a lot of milk products.

*Pinch of salt on Apple, to be eaten empty stomach for over 15 days

*Anulom vilom exercise 20 times morning evening can cure a migraine.*Work on your lifestyle, A list of food that aggravates migraines i.e. chocolates, curds, sour cream avoid eating or replace them with something else.

After all, who doesn't want to stay vigorous and energetic with the impeccable visage and ravishing looks at 30/40? Let your transformation speak and inspire others.I am sure each one of us has the experience to share!

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