One drop of water!
|   May 09, 2017
One drop of water!

As parents we are always apprehensive of making our child develop into a successful  human being.We all make efforts to make our child disciplined .It is a must to inculcate  adaptability, sharing and kindness . Today's generation is logical ,this story will help them comprehend well through practical  knowledge  

So here is a story ... Once god holded a meeting.He invited all the 5 elements-air, water,fire,earth and sky.He asked them few questions.God realised that each one is powerful and arrogant  enough to boast. Except for water! Water was formless,odourless and seamless..... It had a big heart to give shelter to fish/all water animals,, tolerance to accept situations, versatility  to take the shape of container, A retainer to dissolve things /issues. A lifeline-Even 2 sips can save the life!God was bedazzled  to closely look at the properties  of water!  The almighty  convinced each of the 4 element to  appreciate   the qualities of Water.First turn was given to the sky-The sky who was always looking at the water from up said "The water is pure as crystal; I can see my image so clearly as if I am looking at a mirror! Since then the water is blue..because  it  loves the sky!

The earth said- once I insisted him to swim with me. ..since then the dead Sea is formed .He believes in companionship.

The air revealed  -At times I tickle him,I slowly enter the water..the water pops his mouth like a child and make bubbles out of it!He is child like.

The fire expressed- I get angry easily and he cools me down!He is a motivator! WE ALL HAVE 70%OF WATER INSIDE US.SO WE  ALL ARE 70%WATER.TIME TO BRING OUT  OUR INNATE QUALITIES OF THE ELEMENT ESSENTIAL  FOR LIFE!   Time to have more of  water element inside us! 1.Go with the flow. -Welcome changes! 2.Accepts reality.Expectation  vs Reality.Choose Reality. 3.Be a child like.-kind, generous,full of life ,innocent  and  sometimes ignorant.  4.Consider everyone  equally. Let everyone be your friend. 5.Be a good companion.-Be genuine not prentitious.Be kind and thoughtful  to work as a team. 6.Versatile and flexible.  7.Retainer-Absorb more and do not react instantly. 8.Adaptable to situations 9.Tolerant.-Respect and have patience. 10.Enjoy life! Last but not the least Drink water and Save it too! Let your water content and qualities amaze people...Enjoy !

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