|   Apr 15, 2017
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Lulled into the deep slumber, she didn’t pay a heed to the alarm piece.  It kept ringing, but in vain. It was an everyday affair, but today she woke up by herself, she seemed to be awake past night, turning and tossing, almost sleep deprived, but surprisingly before the alarm could wake her up  She got up, quickly grasped her cell phone,  clicked on an icon and was awestruck for a while….. Taking a deep breath! While reading every line gestures on her visage kept changing. Different expressions. Stunned! At times could not believe her eyes, engaging herself in the dramatic monologue- really? Is it? How come? Aww! Crazy...

Last night she had changed her Facebook profile picture and this was the reason she couldn’t sleep, wow! 72 likes and 36 comments. She almost jumped out of the bed in excitement. Being impressed with the people who had followed her picture and commented on it. They were the closest of all of that very day. Now let me introduce you with this very special ‘She’.  .’She’’ is none other than you Dear Reader! Well!  Ladies, it's not only us, 'The Facebook Divas',  but we have 'Facebook Greek gods' too in our category. Very much like Adams and Eves in this real world and our so called Cupid.     ‘Stalkers’ this face book saga survives upon. Reminds me of a song “College ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya  

Arey college ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya

Jinko mill na paayi unko WhatsApp kar diya "

In this new era of social media what else can be expected?

(Let’s name “she” as Shenel (influenced by big brand channel)

Next shenel visited every wall to like the post to her followers, following the theory of giving and take. The more she liked, the more followers she got in return. Now this routine work had taken the shape of a silent deal. A secret silent deal!   

  • She did download an application from google play who is following me? This raised her BP to 190 because her devil neighbour was following her but not liking her post. Getting desperate for likes and comments, Shenel demands at least some decency from her…just one click!
  • In one more incident, a mother post birthday wishes to her daughter who is sleeping in the next room. On waking up, the elated daughter replies by liking her mum’s post and shares it on her wall- Beautiful silent deal…What a social media love!
  • Some people get too private and smart promoting their self-being and ruin the essence of relationships.
  • Social media status is another challenge especially when a single is ready to mingle. Irrespective of the reality known to people he/she is married or a divorcee.
  • A secret deal between couples: -sometimes couples overcompensate for their relationship by putting more and more pictures maintaining social status” Happily married “even if they do not get along.
  • Attention seeking syndrome in a form of a silent deal where a partner is looking for options ,and keep posting selfies just to gain attention from others and for boosting his confidence.

We all are victimised one or the other way. The magic of social media is that we buy happiness at the cost of unhealthy competition and running in the rate race. In most instances, we invite people to intrude our privacy and the outcomes are worst which gives birth to Jealousy, ostentation, wardrobe sneak peek. Few indulge into stalking business, and few into a fake relationship! 

We end up making 1000 of followers portraying ourselves as big shots/ celebrities, but during our tiring times, we realise there are only handful of people to stand by us.   

 Although we all are familiar with the repercussions still we engross ourselves in the artificial world of likes and dislikes .We participate, and suffer .It has actually caused relationship disengagement. During early times people used to visit each other, but now they celebrate reunion catching up on these sites and applications. Refrain yourself of getting addicted. Meet people, cherish the moments, and celebrate each day of life. Read well, do well and encourage humanity and love!

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