No one is You and that is your Power
|   Jul 12, 2017
No one is You and that is your Power

EXAMS~~They analyse,explore,inspect,observe,probe and scan how much one has apprehended and comprehended.Any exam,be it school ones,boards or any other competitive exams,are they really conducted in befitting manner to adjudge one's fate and future?

In India,not sure of abroad,exams lack candidness and clarity.Competition is callous and cut-throat.Millions of students appear for different competitive exams to explore their destiny.

These days children jump into preparing for these combative and aggressive races as early as they get to Grade seven.So many of their precious and cherished childhood years drain into mugging,slogging and sleep-deprived days,trying to learn things way ahead of their level and age .But they don't grumble,even if they do,we,as parents,don't allow them to complain or nourish and promote their ideas.We have become so heartless and at the same time,helpless as we don't find better options.

We don't want our children to be left behind in today's competitive era.We can't think of telling our children to breathe easy and take a chill -pill as we used to do in our childhood years.

Why so much stress,so early? Children put in so many years of hardship  and one day,the so called D-day,the day of the examination,decides their future.Is it fair?Or to say,are they being conducted fairly enough?

If they get through, nothing like it and if they don't, frustration seeps in, causing lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.The results-good or bad,shape the individuality,character and dynamism of a student.

But,my question is --Are they being conducted fairly enough to decide the future of a being?I just want ,all the children to get worth of what they deserve.

I'm not against Hardwork or Exams,but just wish for no fudge.We often hear words like Exam-cheating,question paper leak or other trickeries and beneficiaries... That's crushing.There should be no discrepancy,as far as National Entrance examinations or any other competitive exams are concerned.

Our indeed taking great revolutionary steps to reform our country.But students are the seedlings of a glorious splendid garden.We must do something for these valuable dear lives.

What can we do to help bring the lost smile among these tender souls.Education uplifts a person and thereby the nation.

Above all,we all want our children to be happy and contented.We all are striving for this.So,there should be a system and contrivance,for those who don't get the desired and much longed-for results after so much of labour,may be due to any reason.

My heart shrieks in pain when I see my children working beyond their stretched capacity to get through entrance exams which is still a few years ahead,to get to their favourite university.

I try to foresee what future holds for them and then,just pray for the rewards of their Hardwork.May they get what they want,May they get to the colleges they are aiming for and May they become what they want to be.May God bless our Youth with good health,wisdom and prosperity in years to come.

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