The Big Role Reversal
|   Jul 21, 2017
The Big Role Reversal

All characters and scenarios in the following story are fictional and have no relation with anyone living or dead. Though by the end of it you might wish it was real!


I have a special disdain for early morning yoga clubs. It’s all hunky dory if these people confine themselves to doing yoga but what annoys me is their transition to high pitched over eager laughter clubs. Many blissful morning sleeps have been killed by this enthusiastic fake laughter. This morning as I forced open my eyes I found myself in a familiar room yet not the one I had slept in last night. Shrieking laughter coming from the familiar window, old teak bed and a study table where I had spent many nights dozing sorry pouring over my books. This was my room before I got married in my mother’s home. I turned around to see hubby snoring away peacefully. I could not remember coming home. Did I have a vodka too many or was this my Ghazni moment. I scrambled out of bed and went towards the kitchen. ‘Mom, when did we come here? I can’t remember anything.’ Mom turned around and responded in her characteristic nonchalant manner – are you sleep walking? It’s been 2 weeks since you people shifted here. Shifted! What? Did I hear that right? “But why would we shift and why can’t I remember anything? I was losing it now. Mom turned around incredulously and said you are actually sleep walking. Go take a shower I am making your favorite pav bhaji for breakfast today. I turned around bewildered not knowing what was happening. Maybe a shower would help me clear my mind and in the midst of all this chaos I was still excited about the prospects of having mom’s special pav bhaji for breakfast and not running around making breakfast and packing lunch like usual days.

Everyone was sitting on the breakfast table talking about current affairs when I came after having shower. Mom, dad and hubby were all sitting and chatting as if nothing unusual had happened. I joined in the conversation still baffled by all that was happening since morning. ‘This has to be Modi ji’s greatest decision’ quipped my dad. Hubby responded ‘Yeah it’s much bigger than demonetization or GST’. ‘What are you all talking about?’ I intervened. “Arre! The Big Switch or as people jokingly call it ‘no more sasural’ Based upon petition by thousands of daughter in laws all over India, a law has been passed which states that from now on men will be moving in with their in-laws after marriage. All previous shifting of women to their husband’s parents’ home have been considered null and void. See everyone is happy with the decision. Parents love their daughters and there is no need of adjustments and expectation mismatch. Likewise son in laws are treated like sons in fact better than sons in most households” my mom couldn’t stop beaming. I was still feeling dizzy with this information bombardment as I spoke ‘and what about mummyji papaji? They agreed with us moving? ‘Shikha didi shifted with them na. Why would they have a problem? Imagine the time saved talking on phone since now they live together’ hubby spoke with a mouth full of pao-bhaji.

Wow! This is great. Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? I thought. I closed my eyes in bliss thinking about how peaceful life would be now. Wear what you want, sleep as long as you want and get pampered all the while. Just then hubby started shaking me. Oh what now? I spoke irritated.

‘Stop grinning like an idiot and wake up. You forgot I have an early morning flight today.’

Woah! What? I woke up dazed. I was again in a familiar room. But this was the one I had shifted to after I got married. There was no ‘big switch.’ Modi Ji was probably visiting some exotic country and I was still in my sasural. Well it was fun as long as it lasted. Dreams I tell you can be weird but they do add spice to life.


Do you want a real life ’big switch’? Wanna file a petition? I am sure many will join in.

Above was just a light-hearted take on societal norms. Click on heart icon if you liked what I wrote and follow me for more.  

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