Daddy's Little Princess
|   Apr 14, 2016
Daddy's Little Princess

Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, you’ll always be my number one man.!!!

Daughters share a special bond with dad!! My father has always been by my side no matter what and when my daughter was born I knew from the very start that bond between her and my husband would be sooper dooper strong. Now that K is 2.5 yrs old I can see that bond getting stronger and is fun to watch them playing , giggling, sharing a laugh on my expense and being a team !!

This is something that I wrote on Father’s day for them

You held her tiny hand when she arrived,
you were there when she first open her eyes.
You have loved her and held her tight,
comforted her when she cried all night.
You make her giggle and have fun,
These special moments in her memory can't be undone.

Time is flying and she is growing fast,
but the bond u have made is forever to last.
Someday when she is little older,
her burdens you will shoulder.
You will guide her through her life,
make sure she always fly high.

She'll meet new people make new friends,
But you'll be number one in her heart.
How could anyone live upto your mark??
No matter where she goes how old she is,
Daddy's little princess she'll always be.


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