Dealing with a picky eater!
|   Feb 19, 2016
Dealing with a picky eater!

Every parent is worried about what the child eats or what she does NOT eats. Dealing with a picky eater can be very frustrating and energy draining. Meal times often turn into a battle, bribing persuading and nagging the child to eat.  In many cases the child has a few favorite foods and refuses to try any more. Many a times the meal time is over as soon as it starts as the little human doesn’t wants to eat more than two bites. Whichever may be the reason picky eaters are sure difficult to handle.   Being mother of a toddler who fits very well in the description of fussy eater I can imagine the plight of other mothers. Here I list in few pointers to keep in mind while dealing with a picky eater’:
1. NEVER force the child to eat. We all know kids love to do the opposite of what you tell them, like u tell them not to play with the light switch and they surely will. In the same way the more you coax a child to eat the more she will run away from it,
2. It is OKAY if your child eats a little portion of meal. Toddler’s appetite keep CHANGING she might eat more one day or less the other, it’s perfectly fine. We as parent should respect their natural appetite and variation.
3. Keep TRYING again and again, it takes time for a toddler to develop a taste for certain food.  Try and introduces touch and feel for the food. Apart from visual part encourage them to smell and feel texture to develop affinity towards the said food.
4. Always EAT TOGETHER. Your child looks upto you for everything, eating together sets an example for the child to follow.
5. Try and be CREATIVE when it comes to presenting the food. Try new recipes; hide the fruits and vegetables innovatively.  
Here is one for reference: EGGIE EYE MONSTER

1. with the help of a cookie cutter, cut out a circle from a whole wheat bread slice.
2. Remove the center and place the slice with the hollow centre on the pan.
3. Break an egg in the hollow centre; cook it till you get the perfect sunny side up.
4. Add details to the monster with ketchup and mayonnaise.
This is fun visually and full of goodness. Happy cooking!!!

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