10 must have gifts to give to new parents 
|   Jun 27, 2017
10 must have gifts to give to new parents 

With the arrival of the newborn, comes the arrival of doubts,  insecurities, excitement and anguish. There are tons of tasks and errands that I  had envisioned, changing diapers,  burping the baby, waking up nights to name a few. However, right after the baby was in my arms we ran helter skelter to get things that weren't on the diaper bag list. And honestly most of the diaper bag stuff was mere hoopla. 

So , after two months of mommyhood, here is a list of 10 common yet easily missed out things that I think every new set of parents must be gifted.

1. Doctor Spock's baby and childcare book - From getting ready for parenthood, managing most neighbours to caring grandparents.  From planning the pregnancy till the labour room delivery. From feeding to crying,  from baby poop to hiccups, bathing times to sibling coping, from toddler years to teenage tribulations this book is the ultimate parenting bible. Must have!

2. Bonnison/ janam ghuti - As archaic as it may sound this elixir is god sent. From baby colic to general immunity building of the baby this comes in really handy.

3.Diapers or cloth nappies- One of the few things that you can never have too many of! Bring them on! Pampers are a good bet. Their new born diapers are the best but avoid the pant are ones since they difficult to manage to put on or get off on such small infants. I bought tinycare ones. They are soft and slightly padded which is a big help.

4.Baby Nail Scissors- I tried everything from hand mittens to wrapping his tiny fingers but to no avail. Finally my pediatrician  advised that we cut his nails. It might seem scary but the nail scissors were a boon. They are really easy to use and handy. We went in for chicco.

5. Diaper rash creams and wet wipes  - Another must have that you cannot go wrong with. You may consult a doctor first but I found the Himalaya Diaper rash cream gentle and very good. It protects the little ones tush and keeps it soft and boingboing!

Wet wipes- Pack of 80? Pack of 160? Another thing you can never have enough of! Any guesses why? My bets are in Johnson's and Johnson. They are soft and have a mild fragrance compared to the cheaper brands which had a horrendous room freshener stink. 

7. Medicine spoon- It might seem like a silly invention but it's not! It comes with a hollow pipe like handle with has indicators of millimetres marked. Since the handle is like a pipe, any medicine you put in, flows back into the pipe in case the infant is not cooperating by flailing his arms about. This avoids spills and is very handy. 

8. Nipple shields- Let's face it. We all want the baby to suckle the bosom like he is a natural but well,  it is far from truth for some of us... I suffered a nasty nip cut during our initial breastfeed days and these shield were a blessing. I got  pigeon nip shields. They were soft and really easy to put on.

9. Rattle - It isn't a toy to be played with yet but man! It makes for a brilliant distraction.  Babies have a tendency to get bored easily and by rattling up things (pun intended) it can save you a minute or more of wailing.

10. Bucket mosquito net- Now don't get me wrong we were gifted two to three baby beds with zip up mosquito nets. They are handy and fun yet the Velcro or the zips tend to wake up the baby who you have just lay down to sleep. So, all modernities aside we invested in a bucket mosquito net and found it more convenient. First, it can be placed upon the baby wherever you have laid him down, and moreover, they roll up like an umbrella and can be carried anywhere easily.

These were a few things that I wished had made up my welcome baby gifts. Can you think of any such gifts you wished you had received or which will make good welcome gifts? Do let me know in the comments below!

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The links mentioned are not promotional but only my personal opinions. I bought these very items so found them helpful.😃

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