Developing skills from childhood
|   Jul 06, 2015
Developing skills from childhood

How often have you asked your kid "What do you want to do when you grow up?" I am sure like me most of the parents have asked this question a couple of times.

Till few years back occupations such as actor, cricketer,policeman would be the response from my 10 year old son  that too kept on changing each time.But  since a year or so  he says "I want to be an entrepreneur." I know he is too young to decide what he will grow up to be .He is still exploring things. But, I really feel proud when he confidently answers he  wants to be an entrepreneur when he grows up. 

He is too small to get any formal training but  certain things our kids do might  help them develop the skills for long run. He loves playing cricket so I got him admitted into one of the best cricket academy of the city but after few months  he said he wont be going there anymore and will play in the nearby park with his friends as he enjoys more with them.Initially, I was very upset  but I realised very soon he was cultivating the spirit of leadership,team spirit,innovating new games and getting others to play it with him -a trait that in years to come may translate into pursuing an innovative an entrepreneurial idea  and building an organization that will call for a team to be assembled and motivated to work.Actually this informal games amongst his group of friends I think might be beneficial to his building in long haul.

While surfing the net I came across some amazing animated  videos of  THE SECRET MILLIONAIRES CLUB made for the kids wherein Mr Warren Buffet is shown teaching the kids what is business all about and the qualities of good entrepreneur.I asked my son to watch those web episodes .It actually helped my son to understand what is business all about in an interesting way.Besides teaching him about money and savings   I take him along with me to the Banks and ATM so that he learns these petty thing   just  by  observing .

These might be informal way of learning things  but I think  besides school syllabus and the activity classes if we parents motivate and guide children it might help them  to explore and develop the skills for what they want to be when they grow up.  

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