Friend Or A Lover? Choose One
|   Aug 17, 2016
Friend Or A Lover? Choose One

I am getting goosebumps as I am recalling the most exciting days of my life, college life. Wow college canteen, friends, outing, internships, group studies and the most exciting part having a secret affair. I am not sure what exactly it was?. But whatever it was, it used to excite everyone of us. My friends group was not quite big, still everyone of us had our own story.

Today I wanna share the most decent and elegant love story of our group, of a boy named Krish. He was dark, short, averagely build guy with spectacles. In other words he was an average looking guy. During his internship he was introduced to a girl named Ranjana by his mentor. Ranjana came there as an intern and co incidentally both of them were doing the research on same topic and under same mentor.

There story started the day they met. Krish got infatuated to Ranjana at her first sight. Ranjana had no such feelings. She was a very easy going, friendly, outspoken and just like Krish average looking girl. In few days almost everyone in office became her friends. In starting Krish and Ranjana only used to greet each other in the morning and at the end of day. But after sometime they started working together on their research work, as Krish was quite experienced he used to help Ranjana and they used to share some lite talks in between the work also. Days passed, Krish did not realize when his infatuation turned into love for Ranjana, still Ranjana did not have any idea about Krish feelings. Mere presence of Ranjana used to brighten up the day of Krish.

Ranjana was smart, she begin to notice change in Krish behavior. Krish close friends also started teasing him and very soon they knew the reason behind Krish glowing and brighten up days. By now Krish has became close friend of Ranjana also and they started spending more time together. Ranjana still unaware about the feelings of Krish started feeling little awkward with him. She noticed Krish friends are indirectly trying to connect her with him and sometimes passes comments also. But as Krish had neither disclosed his feelings nor he had ever misbehaved with her, she remained in touch with him. Months passed Krish kept on admiring and loving her secretly. But they never used to talk after their internship hours, as they never exchanged their hand phone numbers. It was Christmas time, Krish left for home early. Here Ranjana got the opportunity to get his number, she took Krish number from their common friend saying I want to wish him Happy New year. Although Ranjana had no feeling for Krish still she was hesitant to ask Krish number, because of Krish friends who used to spy her whenever she was around Krish.

Ranjana sent message to Krish on new year's eve. Krish was overwhelmed by receiving Ranjana wishes and the most important he got Ranjana hand phone number after 4 months. Now they started keeping in touch after internship hours also. There talks were very usual but on regular basis. By now Ranjana knew about Krish feelings. But she never expressed anything which indicates Krish that, she knows how he feels for her. On the other hand Krish also never expressed himself. 

Deep inside Ranjana used to pray that, may Krish never ever expressed his feelings to her. She was afraid if Krish will speak out his feelings everything will ruin, their friendship will come to an end. She has found a very good friend in him, a friend for life time which she did not want to lose at any cost. Finally their internship came to end after a year and it was the time to say bye. Ranjana was happy as Krish has not spoiled their friendship by expressing himself but she can feel the pain in Krish eyes as well. Krish tried very hard to hide his tear but one tear rolled down his eye and he left.

As soon as Ranjana reached home her phone beeped. She was expecting this message, it was Krish who messaged her. It said " I like you, I love You, I want to marry you. If after reading this message you do not want to talk with me, it's OK I don't care. In spite of that I will be in touch with you. I will keep messaging, calling and talking to you."  Ranjana heart beats suddenly shoot up. She was expecting a message from Krish but such direct confession shocked her. She was happy but afraid also.

Krish was also afraid. He couldn't sleep whole night waiting for Ranjana reply which never came. Ranjana did not reply because she didn't know what to say, instead she waited for Krish another message which also never came.

After two days Ranjana called Krish. Krish sounded very scared. Ranjana tried to relax Krish. She said "Krish I respect your feelings and I had little idea about it before also. But I guess you also know I don't have such feelings for you. We are very good friends and I never did anything which indicates or show that I have any feelings for you other than a friend. I know it hurts but this is the truth and you must know it. I am not at all angry with you and I want to be your friend forever. I was waiting for your message or a call but you did not called so i did because I do not want to loose a good friend"

Krish was broken. It took him few days to come back to routine life. But as they were still friends, Krish kept on persuading Ranjana to marry him whenever he used to get chance. Ranjana kept on declining his proposal. Krish proposal Ranjana rejection, it kept on going for almost an year.

During that year Krish was also rejecting every other girls proposal which came for him. Then one day he got final ultimatum for his family. They really wanted to see him married. During that period Krish came to know about a girl who had secret liking for him. But before agreeing to marry anyone else Krish decided to give final try for Ranjana.

He called up Ranjana to inform he will be coming to her house on her birthday. Ranjana and his family welcomed him open heartily. They spent whole day together. Ranjana took him for sight seeing and there. Krish again proposed her and said " I know you don't have feelings for me but one day you will definitely marry someone. Why that someone cannot be me? I love you. Please help me to spend my life with my love". But all in vain. Krish asked her the reason but Ranjana had no answer. She had all intention to get marry but she did not have feelings for Krish, that's all she knew.

Finally Krish left. His family started building more pressure for his marriage. But he decided that, he will wait till Ranjana does not get married. 

Then one fine day Ranjana informed Krish that she has found her prince charming and they are getting married soon. All hopes of Krish died that day. Soon Ranjana got married, after that Krish also decided to finally fulfill his family desire. Krish got married to the girl who had secret liking for him. His motive behind that, was to help the girl to spend her rest of life with her love, which he too had desired once but couldn't.  Both of them are happily married now. But Krish has stopped talking to Ranjana. It's being almost a decade since they last talked. Ranjana keep calling Krish but Krish never bothered to answer her calls. Although he never forgets to send Ranjana best wishes on her birthday, anniversary etc. Ranjana also never forgets to call him, although she knows he will not answer. 

At the end Ranjana fear came true. She lost her best friend. She still miss him a lot. She wants to share her happiness, sorrows, day to day life experiences with him but she is knocking at the wrong door. She feels guilty for giving so much pain to her best friend. She feels guilty for not being able to let Krish lived with his first love. She feels guilty for the unhappy ending of Krish love story. She feels guilty for Krish wife, if Krish can't love her.

Ranjana sincerely appreciate Krish, for trying his best to persuade her and for his courage to express his feelings. Otherwise he would have life long regret of not trying and letting know her feelings. 

I only wish one day Krish will understand Ranjana and will free her from all her guilty feelings.I also miss going out with both of them together.Krish, Ranjana can also feel your pain but try to understand she had some limitations which she couldn't cross. She wants me to remind you " she used to be your best friend, do you remember?". She miss you and I know you too.

Hopefully that day will come soon when I can have a coffee and chit chat with both of you together. 

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