Pregnancy Food Craving "Oh Gosh It Still Exists",
|   Jul 03, 2016
Pregnancy Food Craving "Oh Gosh It Still Exists",

Standing in front of ice cream parlor as my eyes rolled down the different flavors i can felt there yummy taste melting down my throat. I wanted to have them all so I placed my order of one big ice cream platter with one scoop of nine different flavors in a big chocolate waffle. I was anxiously waiting for my order , after a while it was in front of me. As I saw it my eyes remained wide open "what a crap" what it is?. Within a blink of eyes I was standing in front of manager and scolding him for the order that was served. All of sudden my husband came from no where and took me back to table. I looked at him angrily and said "look what i have ordered and what they have served" . He stared at me and said i changed your order. When you was placing your order I was there and after you left the counter I changed it. Oh my gosh are you out of your mind why you did this - you changed it from a platter to just one scoop of plain vanilla flavor. I could not even wait to have them all and you ..... just forget it you have this plain vanilla I will stick to my order. He stopped me and said "I guess you have forgotten but let me remind you, you are no more pregnant and you do not need those extra calories." My immediate reaction was "oh my god give me a break not again please cannot I eat what I want". 

But his words kept banging my head for quite a long time. He made me realize if I am not pregnant I cannot have these all now without any guilt but then what should I do I still have craving. I love ice cream, chocolates, donuts, cakes, pastries, cookies, chips and I want to eat them all.

Eating to keep the little one inside me healthy and full for nine months and after delivery eating to breastfeed him has changed my eating habits. For almost one and half year I have been eating without any restrictions and now all of sudden I must change, it really needs time and strong will power. The most disappointing part is - my family members who used to bought minimum 4 flavor of any item whenever and wherever I demanded, now that same persons do not want me to eat. All those stuff has now become extra calories and not good for my health. Sometimes they even used to make funny excuses about why should i increase my diet, eat at frequent intervals and forced me to eat when I did not feel like eating. Wow those were the days. I never thought I will miss my pregnancy days so much. I want to become pregnant again and eat those delicacies without any limit, restriction, interruption and guilt. I want to enjoy them without any fear of getting fat. For food lovers like me pregnancy is the best time to eat whatever and whenever we want without worrying about calories, weight gain and interruption from others. Hopefully I will be able to control and change my unhealthy eating habits soon with the help of constant reminders from my loved one. Because for others it's no more a pregnancy food craving but an unhealthy eating habit.

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