Value Education is whining
|   Aug 04, 2017
Value Education is whining

This is the perfect school for your child, look at the future, we prepare children for future. We have smart boards in all the classes, you will get all the information on your mobile phone, you won't be wasting time in visiting schools, we also give a proper training to nurture their talents and promote them for reality shows, we have day care too..." The parent blushes and happily gets the admission done. How simple and easy!

When you visit The Leela , why do you speak in English ? No one is standing there to tell you , "sir please speak in English" . What happens when you visit vegetable market , you speak aloud in Hindi or regional language. What makes you do this without any instruction rightly?It is the VALUE EDUCATION. We humans only work for something we possess. Recall your school days when there use to be a day when the whole class use to clean the classroom with a broomstick in the school dress and we were so proud to do it , our parents were so proud. Our parents had a good bonding with teachers and respect for teachers ; there use to be a proper meeting and discussion for the development of the child during ptms. Look at today's time, in majority ,teachers are not respected but questioned for their mistakes even children do not respect teachers and their words.Today the parents interrogates school and teachers even when their kids sweat due the heat.

We are behind making our children handicaps by providing world's best facilities and making them dependent on the non living things more than their abilities.I appreciate the work done by educational institutions creating innovative products and selling it to the schools in order to support the better learning. Schools buy it in a face to sell it to the parents , earn more and get more admissions.The purpose of education technology is to help and support children with learning difficulties, say a visually disabled child uses audio CDs and interactive phone to learn, visually inclined child facing difficulty in learning from books uses interactive board for better learning. But what we are doing is asking all the children to discard the books and learn from smart boards ignoring that 60% of the children are still inclined towards learning from books -the black and white text and are fond of writing...blimey!Many perceive the product wrongly and make it for general use rather than focusing on LEARNING and using education technology at it's best. There is a severe need to train schools well on its usage.Today, schools by this can create good no of literate people but they are not nurturing or creating educated people."

More over application based learning , learning by doing must not be shadowed . It is the best way a self learning takes place"Education technology ALONE will ruin the purpose of education, schools need to blend it with value education and together it will give us a genius generation.We invite education technology firms to join us for the cause and direct schools in the best utilisation of precious innovations.No one can succeed without being grounded!Value education is a root and education technology ladder to achieve the sky. We believe we must stand on our roots (value education) and reach great height and touch the sky (through education technology)!Our mission : value education - human skills : for practical approach and implementation strategies email us

Shruti Nagar Dave

Founder, TSBE

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