If we're still living a girlfriend-boyfriend life… No need for you to get jealous.
|   Dec 21, 2016
If we're still living a girlfriend-boyfriend life… No need for you to get jealous.

I am married since three years now but we still live a girlfriend-boyfriend life. We don’t have kids yet as we feel we are still not yet ready for this responsibility.

So, this often makes us face awkward comments from some people who think they have a right to talk any nonsense about my personal life. For example;

“Oh, Enjoy the days you are free from responsibility till now”

“No worries, no responsibilities for you.. Enjoy the lasting honeymoon”

“Eat together until you have kids, as they would not let you eat together”

“Why does your husband not leave you anywhere?”

“Leave your husband alone for some time, does he not have any other work”

“Not having kids yet, so enjoy the attention of your husband”

“Don’t have kids yet.. You can live a tension free life, Go for movies, Go for holidays. Once your baby comes this would be hardly possible”

 “Wear western dresses until you get pregnant.. These dresses would be a waste after that”

We go to market together. We make merry together. We often dine out. There are a lot of pizza orders at my doorsteps. We cook together and work of home is not a worry for any of us. There is often a mess at our home like that in the room of bachelors. We are often in casual wears. We get bored in social gatherings where ladies talk about saris, jewelries or  the personal things happening in others' life. When in someone’s anniversary there are clearly separate groups of ladies and gents, I and my hubby do not separate. We stand as a third group. I don’t go for ladies kitty neither he enjoys company of men gathered around the parking lot or tea stall outside the building’s gate.

So what? This is way of living. Don't pass jealous comments on me. I have not stopped you from accompanying your husband. If he does not stand by you in a party it’s not my fault. We love kids but we also understand the importance of planning. We don’t feel we have saved enough to give the proper care and comfort to our child.

You are frequently visiting one-another's home for kitty parties or chit-chat purpose. You make silly comments on others lifestyle when you meet in social gatherings. What if I am comfortable in single piece, I would love the dresses I would be wearing even after getting pregnant.

You have time to promote Amway business. You have time to see how frequently I go out with my husband. You have time to show off your organized house and expensive crockery. You have time to see whose daughter is coming in what dress with whom at what time. But have no time to attend your husband. You have time to see which lady in the society

You should not blame your kids for not letting you live a life full of romance. Do you ever feel how desperate we are for having our own child? I don’t think any married couple in the world would feel an enjoyable life if they don’t have a child of their own.

I understand there is a lot of difference in life after a couple has a child in their lives. But you have not been forced to this. You have collected the grace of being parents. You have been showered with blessings for your parenthood. You have a complete family. Your child completes your little world inside this big world.

There is no reason to feel jealous of those who are deprived of such a blessing of God until now. Having kids is the greatest happiness for a couple. Caring about them is our delightful duty, not an unwanted responsibility. This definitely gets some big changes in your lifestyle but the love between you and your husband increases exponentially with the arrival of your baby. You may not be able go out for movie or shopping together for a long time but you get a reason to be at home.

Have a better outlook about your life and responsibilities. If you don’t have the happiness that others have, other also don’t have the happiness you have.

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