Keeping the grime away!
|   Jul 11, 2017
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Keeping the grime away!

The last job transfer of my husband shifted us to Kolkata a few months back. Kolkata summers though not very hot, are highly humid. Even in temperature averaging to not more than 30, Kolkata summers can make one sweat like taken a shower! There remains a grimy feeling all around throughout this season. As a mother, I was well concerned about keeping my two year old hydrated and comfortable in this tricky weather. A talk about the humid summers of Kolkata with the lady next door, who is also a good friend of mine now, made me even watchful of this season! She told me that her little daughter had to suffer from heat rashes just after they had shifted to this city a few years back. She had to consult a doctor for that discomfort and it took quite a long time for her baby to get back to comfort. Through her experiences, she made me even more cautious about cleanliness and hygiene especially for and around the two year old who is a piece of my heart.

I try to feed him with more water and liquid diet in this season. I avoid outside juices for him and give him juice which I can make for him at home. I make my son wear comfortable clothes made of good quality cotton fabric all through this season. To ensure his hygiene, I take his clothes to an extra rinse in the water mixed with a few drops of antiseptic in a bucket after they are washed in the machine. I also use this antiseptic water to wipe the rods of hanger before I put the cloths on them for drying.

Not only the clothes but all the things that come into direct contact of my son are tried and maintained under hygienic condition. This includes hygiene of the floor at house, the toys he plays with, the beddings he sleeps in, the bottles/dishes he is fed with as well as the hands of anyone touching my little love. I use antiseptic liquid to mop the floor of my house. I also use this liquid to wipe clean my dining table. This not only kills the germs already lying there but also discourages flies to stay with us in this home.

Actually, my little boy is now able to creep and walk with his own tiny steps. He is less interested in playing indoors. Instead, he likes going out. When not allowed out of the main door, he likes rushing to the balcony where he really enjoys playing with the mud lying in pots of plants kept there. The favorite play of my son is throwing down his toys from the balcony. Though I don’t really enjoy his mischievous smile that tells me something has been thrown down by him, I manage to collect that thing back. But don’t obviously let him play with it before cleaning it with antiseptic water.  

I make sure he enjoys his daily bath with water boiled and cooled put in a tub cleaned with disinfectant cleaner so that the water he dips in is free of germs. I am aware that germs can contact my toddler even through the hands of people approaching him. So, I make sure everyone including I wash our hands before holding the playful cutie before us. I do not hesitate asking to do the same to our guests. However, when we are out it becomes difficult to ensure such cleanliness as we keep at home. Yet we try our level best. We wipe clean public seats or berth of train before letting my baby jump on it. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are our hygiene companions when we are out of home.

As my son is too young, I avoid applying SPF on his skin when he is exposed to sun. But what I do is to keep him covered with best of my efforts and wipe his hands and face gently with wet wipes.

Call me an over cautious mom, but that’s what makes me worry less about his hygiene. This way he can also enjoy himself & explore things the way he wants to & I’m also not anxious about him catching any infections.

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