More than Gracious
|   Apr 13, 2016
More than Gracious

Women are breaking the stereotypes by stepping up day by day. But those who lead the trend, steal the show. The recent Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai brought something more than gracious on the ramp. This was the walk of Indian supermodel Carol Gracias. Yes! She looked as gorgeous as ever but this time she walked with a baby bump breaking the stereotype. Carol is expecting her first baby with her husband who is a French journalist. In the show, she dressed up in a green khadi jamdani saree, jacket-styled blouse and her hair styled in a bun with flowers. Carol Gracias stole the show as she strode the ramp with a prominent baby bump. 

Designer Gurang Shah this time broke the tradition of picking only thin and skinny women to glorify his creations. The designer exclaimed his joy at the overwhelming response at Carol’s walk by saying “Oh, please, we were not planning to create a record”. “I am definitely delighted because I have always designed keeping the real woman in mind. And this has reiterated that,” the designer added in his interview to The Hindu. He also explained that it was not a planned stunt to show the model with baby bump. It is because Carol has been a staple at his shows and this year she was not part of the list of models he received from organizers, she was approached a month before the show. However, her pregnancy was revealed at the fitting session just three days before the show and her stylist approached Gaurang with the news. Breaking the norms, Gaurang was pretty ok with carol’s figure as long as she was fine doing a Catwalk. Anyways, even if Gaurang used her figure for publicity, it has brought a better trend for Indian women, special for the models.

The women around the world and particularly in India are subject to several stereotypes regarding their pregnancy. Even today, most Indian women chose to camouflage their pregnancies and live underneath for long wearing only flowing gowns and wait for the time they would be discharged of this caging responsibility. Since the time their pregnancy becomes visible, women restrict themselves from public parties, movie halls and alien themselves until it’s again the same as it was. Gaurang not only showed off her collection of beautiful Indian sarees but also showed that even pregnant women can think of being stylish. I have also heard from one of my female colleagues that she could not put on a new cloth as long as she was pregnant. I was truly surprised!   

Like most other liberations, the culture of walking with a baby bump is also championed by models of western countries. Model Kim Kardashian at the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 and actor Keira Knightley at the Golden Globes last year could do it before Carol Gracias.

Being a mother is a matter of pride. So, why pregnancy is something to conceal. In our county, actors and models feel shy in coming before camera when they are gonna-be-mothers soon. The Carol’s gracious walk was really admirable for being the trend setter in our country.

Yes, she was pregnant! And Yes, she walked the ramp with perfect grace! And for me, it was more than gracious!

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